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The perfect share dealing account for you

Securities are an important part of any investment strategy as they promise profitable long-term returns. A Commerzbank share dealing account can serve as your central hub for all securities transactions. In your portfolio, you will find all the important information about the development of your investments and you can quickly react to any market changes.

As an investor, you have your own idea of how you want to use your share dealing account. For this reason, we offer you three models to choose from. But no matter which account you choose, you always have access to our regular product analysis and publications.

DirektDepot: The right solution for the DIY-investor

The DirektDepot is a low-cost share dealing account for investors who don’t need advice. You manage your investments independently, buy and sell either online or via mobile banking, and benefit from low transaction costs.

KlassikDepot: Securities with professional advice

If you prefer personal and professional advice with your securities and look for long-term investments, the KlassikDepot is the perfect share dealing account. You benefit from the full support of our investment advice. Taking into account your individual situation, we work with you on a portfolio that is appropriate to your circumstances regarding opportunities and risks.

PremiumDepot: A trading platform with full flexibility

The PremuimDepot combines maximum freedom in your securities transactions as well as personal and professional support. The flat fee offers you optimal flexibility and cost-efficient transactions. In addition to our comprehensive consulting and information services, you also get access to the exclusive reports from our chief investment strategist (CIO).

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