Our current accounts and credit cards offer flexibility, security, and great deals on purchases. So you can manage your money more easily.

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The best deal for your money

The current account is still the best solution for your day-to-day banking needs. Commerzbank offers various packages to suit every taste and requirement. From accounts with added extras, to current accounts designed for students, we have a wide range to choose from, including the “Kostenloses Girokonto” (free-of-charge current account), “PremiumKonto” and “StartKonto.” When you open a free Girokonto¹, you will receive a starting balance of 50 euros – and another 50 euros if you are not satisfied with our services and wish to close the account again.

No matter which account you choose, you can withdraw money free of charge at any Commerzbank branch or with your debit card at one of the 9,000 ATMs connected to the Cash Group². You also benefit from free cash back at a number of Shell petrol stations. With our PremiumKonto, you can even withdraw money free of charge while abroad.

Free-of-charge current account: Guaranteed to please

If you are employed or receive a regular income, the free-of-charge current account (Kostenloses Girokonto) is the perfect solution. This account is suited to single adults as well as families, and offers all the options needed for your daily financing needs. All transfers, standing orders and direct debits are included – regardless of whether you prefer to conduct your banking online or at your branch..

PremiumAccount: The perfect solution for frequent travelers

Does your partner need a debit card as well? Or do you do a lot of travelling? Why not give the PremiumAccount (PremiumKonto) a try? It comes with added benefits such as two debit cards and two exclusive PremiumKonto credit cards. Important for frequent travelers: Included in the PremiumKonto is a comprehensive insurance cover for you and your family.

StartAccount: Starting out has never been this easy

If you are a student, doing job training, volunteering, or working as an intern, the StartAccount (StartKonto) is the ideal choice. This current account is free of charge and provides all the benefits of a standard current account. Since this is an account for young people, you can only apply if you are under the age of 30. If you are between 18 and 30 you can also apply for a Young Visa Kreditkarte3 (credit card).

KlassikAccount: The right option for a flexible lifestyle

With the KlassikAccount (KlassikKonto), you take your banking into your own hands, either online, at one of our branches, or at one of our ATMs. Your advantage: No minimum monthly incoming payment is required. And for a small monthly fee, you benefit from great deals on transfers, standing orders, and direct debits in your Commerzbank branch or via online banking.

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Choose the right credit card for your needs

Credit cards are convenient, making your life easier when traveling, shopping, or refueling. Commerzbank credit cards help you pay at home and abroad, withdraw cash, or shop online. Which credit card is best for you depends on your individual needs. Our cards offer rewards, great deals on balance transfers and even comprehensive insurance cover for frequent travelers.

MasterCard Classic: Worldwide financial flexibility

Are you looking for a low-cost credit card? The MasterCard Classic offers everything you need for your day-to-day financing needs and includes a monthly statement – so you don’t lose track of your payments. Enjoy the financial flexibility of approximately 33 million points of acceptance and 800,000 ATMs. All transactions are listed in your monthly statement and deducted from your account once a month.

MasterCard Gold: Your trustworthy companion

If you need some flexibility with your finances and want to enjoy the comfort and security of a premium credit card, we’ve got the solution for you: MasterCard Gold. Frequent travellers enjoy comprehensive and global travel insurance cover. On top of that, you gain access to more than 600 airport lounges and preferential treatment in more than 2,300 Accor hotels worldwide.

Premium credit card: The perfect solution for frequent travelers and families

You and your partner or family love to travel? Then the Premium credit card (PremiumKreditkarte) is just right for you. The PremiumKreditkarte is bundled only with a PremiumAccount ( PremiumKonto). Two credit cards are included in your PremiumKonto without any additional fees; if you opt for a joint account, you can even receive four credit cards. And when traveling abroad, you and your partner or family benefit from a comprehensive travel insurance cover. With every PremiumKonto credit card, you can withdraw cash free of charge 12 times at home and 25 times abroad.

Prepaid credit card: Stay in full control

Do you like to stay in control and always keep your expenditure in check? In that case, the Commerzbank Prepaid credit card is the perfect solution. The prepaid card is a fully-fledged credit card that needs to be charged in advance. The charged amount can be renewed again and again - even by standing order. This way, you never spend more than is currently available.

Comprehensive insurance cover

Be prepared for the unexpected: With our credit cards, you can rely on a comprehensive insurance cover while away from home. If you choose the PremiumKreditkarte or the MasterCard Gold, the services include:

  • Health insurance whilst travelling abroad
  • Foreign travel accident insurance
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Curtailment insurance
  • Travel emergency assistance insurance
  • Baggage insurance
  • Travel inconvenience insurance
  • Insurance against fraudulent use of your SIM card if your mobile phone is stolen

With the exception of the travel inconvenience insurance, all insurances apply even if the journey has not been paid for with the PremiumKreditkarte or MasterCard Gold.

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Private Clients: + 49 69 5 8000 8000 Business Clients: +49 69 5 8000 9000

1 Free for private use only, from 1.200 € per month. Incoming money, otherwise 9.90 € per month and paperless account management, otherwise € 1.50 per domestic / SEPA transfer. 50 € Start-up credit after 3-month active account use (at least 5 monthly bookings of 25 € or more, eg from or to employers, pension funds, house administrations, energy suppliers, telephone providers, but no self-transfers or surrenders)and successful paydirekt registration. Offer and only if there was no account at Commerzbank within the last 24 months.

2 Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, HypoVereinsbank, Postbank, and their subsidiaries.

3 Creditworthiness and minimum incoming payment of €300 monthly required.