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Take a fresh look at your business

Commerzbank offers advice beyond the ordinary: Our “GeschäftskundenKompass” (business clients’ compass) is specifically tailored to business clients and takes into account your business model, your goals and perspectives, as well as all relevant financial issues.

Using the GeschäftskundenKompass, our consultation will provide you with an overview of your business and financial situation, resulting in new ideas for your financing needs and recommendations for action. So your finances will stay on track with your business model.


In the first step, you and your advisor will assess your overall situation. For this financial review we don’t just consider figures like sales, profits, and costs. In order to understand your business thoroughly, we look beyond the numbers. Was the company founded recently? Are you planning to expand your business? Is a successor coming in soon? What are your business objectives? Are any major investments planned? How do you monitor performance and manage payments? The aim of this in-depth assessment is to get a better understanding of your business and your entrepreneurial orientation.

Systematic analysis

Then we scrutinise your current financial situation. This is the acid test where we determine any risks and assess your financial state.Then we analyse the collected business data. Using the GeschäftskundenKompass, we check if your current financial situation, your business goals, and your commercial success are in alignment. This way, you get a detailed overview and can use this information to correct any flaws in your setup. Liquidity and an optimised management of payments are of special concern at this stage. At the end of the second step, a number of precise recommendations and a prioritised plan of action will be drawn up.

Custom-fit financial solutions

In the third step, we delve deeper into specific financing models that are of importance to you. Together, we will plan further steps and use the GeschäftskundenKompass to find new solutions for:

  • Payments
  • Financing
  • Business assets
  • Financial security

After the initial consultation, you will receive valuable documentation, clearly illustrating your current financial status, your business prospects, as well as our specific recommendations for action. This information forms the perfect basis for any further discussion.

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