Corporate Procurement

Work together
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Within Commerzbank, the Corporate Procurement department ensures that all Group units receive the goods and services they need and that all of the requirements of the various internal departments are taken into account during this process.

The basis for this is a structured procurement management system that extends to professional product group, supplier, customer, risk & contract management. Commerzbank and its suppliers use shared online tools to ensure that tenders and orders are handled efficiently.

The Corporate Procurement department guides suppliers through the procurement process and sees itself as the interface manager between the bank's internal cost centre managers and the external suppliers. Commerzbank's Corporate Procurement department is therefore always the first point of call for the suppliers.

A systematic procedure like this is the only way to ensure that the products and services procured not only meet the cost-effectiveness and quality but also the sustainability criteria. As the same time, the Corporate Procurement department ensures that the supplier and service relationships meet all of the regulatory requirements.

Within the scope of the supplier management system, the suppliers' performance and risk profile are regularly evaluated. This makes it possible to identify any potential risks at an early stage and to then take suitable measures in order to minimise them.

Contractual obligations, orders and other transactions that result in external liabilities may therefore only be agreed with Commerzbank's Corporate Procurement department.