Basis for cooperation

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Commerzbank's corporate culture is characterised by acting responsibly and sustainably in all of our dealings with each other and with all of our customers and business partners.

This also applies to the cooperation with suppliers, whom Commerzbank expects to act responsibly and businesslike. Our daily dealings with each other must be based on our shared values. Especially in the finance industry, it is vital that all business activities not only comply with all laws, regulations and internal rules but are also guided by ethical principles.

On the following pages, you will find more detailed information about compliance, sustainability and efficiency.

The Commerzbank Group's corporate values clearly state its commitment to respectful mutual interaction and integrity in all its dealings with its customers and its suppliers. The code of conduct defines minimum standards for the entire Commerzbank Group and provide guidelines for correct and ethically acceptable behaviour.

The standards include compliance with all laws, regulations and internal rules in all business activities and adherence to ethical principles. Commerzbank is emphatically committed to this and has based its procurement process on this compliance. Purchasing decisions are made independent of pressures and personal interests as the staff follow internal rules and involve the Corporate Procurement department in the procurement of resources. Commerzbank also expects its suppliers to act with integrity in all business processes. Irregular behaviour will not be tolerated and can lead to the business relationship being terminated. The integrity clause is therefore also a fundamental element of our supplier agreements. Commerzbank attaches particular priority to preventing and combating corruption. The compliance programme to combat corruption also involves all business partners active on behalf or in the name of the bank, and also applies to all supplier relationships. Commerzbank attaches particular attention to business relationships affected by sanctions or countries that are subject to sanctions.

The concept of sustainability is firmly anchored in Commerzbank's relationship with its service providers and suppliers. Commerzbank has an externally certified environmental and energy management system according to ISO 14001 and 50001. Commerzbank is thus continuously improving its own sustainability performance, including through its procurement decisions. Commerzbank is part of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance of UNEP FI, the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative since 2021. As one of the first financial institutions worldwide, Commerzbank is committed to reduce the emissions of its banking operations to zero already by 2040. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of having a 100% climate-neutral supplier portfolio by 2040.

The standard for sustainable procurement (PDF, 305 kB) and the code of conduct define binding rules for the ecological, social and ethical aspects that must be taken into account when purchasing goods and services. The ecological, social and governance criteria (ESG) specified in the standard reflect Commerzbank’s corporate responsibility demands on its service providers and suppliers. As a result, through its purchasing decisions Commerzbank also actively influences the sustainable orientation of these suppliers and service providers.

All Commerzbank's procurement processes are managed centrally by Corporate Procurement. This ensures that consistent sustainability standards are employed. In procurement projects, Commerzbank's Corporate Procurement department also contributes towards the achievement of the defined sustainability goals by selecting ecological products and environmentally conscious suppliers. The inquiry into sustainability-relevant information, such as existing ISO certifications and climate protection targets, is an integral part of Commerzbank's supplier management. Moreover, we inform our service providers and suppliers about the Bank's internal environmental guidelines.

ommerzbank expects its suppliers not only to make efforts to meet environmental and social standards, but also to send this expectation to their downstream suppliers. Commerzbank's corporate responsibility does not end with its internal processes, but extends throughout the entire supply chain.

Commerzbank's customers expect competitive and innovative offers. Efficient suppliers and partners are essential in order to be able to offer these.

From Commerzbank's perspective, efficient means:

  • Well-established suppliers that are strong on innovation make important contributions to helping Commerzbank to meet the present and future requirements of its customers.
  • Digitalisation is firmly established in the supplier's business and represents the basis for efficient processes, simplifying the communication and cooperation with Commerzbank.
  • We expect professionalism and experience in collaborating with a multi-national Group from our suppliers.