Commerzbank at a glance Commerzbank at a glance


Commerzbank tower

Facts & figures

Gross floor area 
Basements 12,724m²
Car-park 9,579m²
Perimeter buildings 
- shops 2,171m²
- apartments 4,025m²
Kaiserstrasse 18 1,719m²
Auditorium 2,626m²
Plaza catering 1,264m²
Public plaza 1,125m²
Total 120,736m²
- excluding antenna 259m
- with antenna 300m
Car-parking spaces 300
Bicycle-parking spaces approx. 200
Levels in tower 
Entrance hall 3 levels
Offices 45 levels
Technical equipment 14 levels
Main usable area
(excluding apartments and car park)
Gross volume, total 538,000m³
Workplaces 2,800
Construction phase May 1994-May 1997
Tower foundation Load-bearing piles
111 Large piles Ø 1.8m/1.5m
Length: max. 48.5m
Raft Thickness: 2.20-4.50m
Shell and core 
Basements Reinforced concrete
torsion frame
Tower superstructure Steel frame with
Vierendeel frame system