Off to a good start with Commerzbank's new onboarding process

Commerzbank has developed a new welcome programme to help new employees get off to the best possible start. Part of the parcel is the Welcome Day.

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The Welcome Day is part of a new onboarding process at Commerzbank for new employees. Copyright: Kathrin Ristaus © 
Commerzbank has developed a new onboarding process to help new employees get off to the best possible start. Part of the parcel is the Welcome Day, which took place for the first time on 10 August. Katja Eckert and Nathalie Benner from Human Resources explain what it's all about.

Why are you organising the Welcome Day?

Katja Eckert: We are increasingly looking for external hires again. As a result, more and more new specialists are joining us. In the past, there was no centrally managed onboarding programme for this target group, but rather individual solutions from the segments. In most cases, there is little time on site to provide new employees with sufficient support during their initial steps.

What are the goals of the new onboarding process?

Nathalie Benner: The aim of the Welcome Day is to get people excited about the Bank and to help them to network. That's why the event takes place across all hierarchies and divisions. And last but not least, we familiarise our new colleagues with attractive Commerzbank financial products to win them over as customers if possible.

What happens during the Welcome Day?

Katja Eckert: The Bank presents itself – from an organisational, strategic and business perspective. After lunch with a Board member or executive, we present Commerzbank as an employer. We highlight the additional benefits, health services, our employee networks and important HR development products such as cliX and Lernzeit+.

What do the participants think of it?

Nathalie Benner: There has been a great deal of enthusiasm every time, both for the Bank as an employer and for the day's programme. A tour of the Commerzbank Tower and the gardens has also always been included and has been very popular.

New employees are currently receiving a lot of attention. This becomes evident on the Welcome Day or through the “Employees recommend employees” campaign. What do you say to those employees who have been on board for a while and would also like to receive more attention?

Katja Eckert: We are recruiting external hires and are proactively positioning ourselves on the labour market. This also requires a clear signal that new employees are very welcome from day one and have an excellent start in the team. Regardless of how long someone has been with us, employee retention is just as important to us. Everyone benefits from our special culture of cooperation, modern work organisation and development prospects. Additional benefits, health offers and diversity are there for everyone and make the Bank a good place to work, for many years to come.

Will the Welcome Day take place regularly going forward?

Katja Eckert: There has been a Welcome Day organised every two months in Frankfurt since its launch in August 2023. The number of participants is limited to 50 people to ensure there is enough space for dialogue and networking. The offer is complemented by a do-it-yourself format for the relevant teams to optimally prepare the new colleagues’ start on site. After all, it is of course particularly important that they get off to a good professional and personal start in their new department.

Portrait of Katja Eckert

Katja Eckert

Specialist People & Transformation Human Resources

Katja Eckert has been with Commerzbank since 2008 and worked for a long time in various positions in private customer business. She has been active in cultural and organisational development at Human Resources since 2015.

Portrait of Nathalie Benner

Nathalie Benner

Specialist People & Transformation in Human Resources

Nathalie Benner joined the Bank in 2020. After studying soci-ology, she completed a trainee programme at Human Resources, where she now works on internal market research, cultural and organisational development.