Commerzbank issues the first two ETFs on the China Europe International Exchange (CEINEX)

November 18 2015

  • Launch and listing of Bank of China International (BOCI) Commerzbank – Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 A Share Index UCITS ETF
  • Cross listing of Commerzbank CCBI RQFII Money Market UCITS ETF
  • Confirms Commerzbank’s commitment to providing clients access to onshore RMB markets
  • New ETFs offer an optimal solution for investment professionals in Europe offering relatively high liquidity and attractive returns

Today Commerzbank announced the launch and listing of a new ETF, in partnership with BOC International, the Bank of China International (BOCI) Commerzbank – Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 A Share Index UCITS ETF and the cross listing of the Commerzbank CCBI RQFII Money Market UCITS ETF, in partnership with China Construction Bank International, both of which have been listed on the China Europe International Exchange (CEINEX).

CEINEX, a joint venture of Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), Deutsche Börse and China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX), was successfully launched today in Frankfurt.

The internationalisation of Renminbi (‘RMB’) continues to gain momentum however; options for onshore RMB investments outside of China are still limited. Commerzbank’s expertise as a leading provider of listed products in Europe and a leading ETF market maker in Europe and Hong Kong, aims to provide access to onshore RMB investments efficiently and effectively by partnering with two of the most experienced institutions in the Chinese markets.

Thomas Timmermann CEO of Asset Management at Commerzbank Corporates & Markets commented: “As the onshore Chinese markets are opening up to international investors, the market will continue to need investment solutions across a variety of asset classes. By launching these products now Commerzbank and its partners are keeping up to date with their client’s requirements.”

He added: “These ETFs provide offshore investors the opportunity to invest in the mainland Chinese securities markets, via a listed and regulated European product.”

More detail on Bank of China International (BOCI) Commerzbank – Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 A Share Index UCITS ETF:

  • The ETF is currently available to institutional investors and retail investors in Luxembourg and Germany
  • BOCI-Prudential Asset Management Limited will provide their investment management expertise to the Fund
  • Commerzbank Asset Management will provide structuring expertise and a société d'investissement à capital variable (SICAV) providing exposure to the SSE 50 A Share Index.
  • As the leading European ETF market maker, the Equity Markets and Commodities division at Commerzbank will provide the market making for the Fund.

More detail on the Commerzbank CCBI RQFII Money Market UCITS ETF:

  • The new listing now means the ETF is available to investors in the UK, Germany, France and Luxembourg. The ETF was first launched on the London Stock Exchange on 25 March 2015.
  • CCB International Asset Management Ltd is responsible for the active investment management of the Fund.
  • Commerzbank Asset Management will provide structuring expertise and a UK Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) providing a money market RMB offering.
  • As the leading European ETF market maker, the Equity Markets and Commodities division at Commerzbank will provide the market making for the Fund.

As China opens up its currency to global trade and investment, Commerzbank continues to offer its clients access the new global currency. Commerzbank has over three decades of experience in China, working with industry, financial institutions and policymakers.

Notes to editors

  • Commerzbank offers a consistent market making service on around 200,000 securitised derivative products, ETFs, Mutual Funds, equities and listed options across all asset classes, on its state-of-the-art platform
  • Official designated sponsor for more than 2,900 listed ETFs on different exchanges in Europe and the largest market maker on Xetra Deutsche Boerse, Euronext, SIX Zurich and the LSE

About the Bank of China (BOCI) Commerzbank SSE 50 Shares Index UCITS ETF

  • Shareclass A(RMB) ISIN LU1306625283 WKN CDF1BC
  • All-in fee: 0.80 % p.a.

About the Commerzbank CCBI RQFII Money Market UCITS ETF

  • Share class A (RMB) ISIN GB00BVJF7G73 WKN A14QCU
  • Share class B (GBP) ISIN GB00BVJF7H80 WKN A14QCV
  • Share class C (EUR) ISIN GB00BVJF7F66 WKN A14QCT
  • Annual dividend payment
  • All-in fee: 0.65 % p.a.

RFQII is the renminbi qualified foreign institutional investor scheme. Launched in December 2011 it allows a small number of Chinese financial firms to establish renminbi-denominated funds in Hong Kong for investment in the mainland. The aim being to allow overseas investors to use offshore renminbi deposits to invest in mainland securities markets.

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