Market Products

Commerzbank is recognised as an innovator of risk hedging solutions and liquidity management, offering tailor-made products and structured solutions that complement the plain vanilla business to provide additional flexibility and client-specific solutions.

Money Market

Our money market solutions provide you with a wide range of products that allow you to manage your liquidity. Personal treatment, quick processing, and customised confirmations via e-mail, swift, or fax meet your liquidity management needs in a flexible and simple manner.

Our money market solutions include deposits and lending facilities in nearly all currencies close to the market, with maturities ranging from overnight to one year, and in exceptional case, more than one year. The customised determined rates grant a reliable calculation basis throughout the entire term.

Furthermore, Commerzbank offers a web-based internet trading tool that allows you to conduct nearly all types of money market deposit transactions online.

We consider our money market solutions to be an invaluable resource for your liquidity management.

ICLM (Interest, Currency & Liquidity Management)

Generally, ICLM products are hedging products which enable the customer to hedge his exposure in the relevant markets. Currency and interest rate products are particularly suitable for reducing market risk.

The product families show some similarities in certain aspects. In FX, for example, the product range starts from normal FX spot transactions, leading through options to more sophisticated hedging structures.

On the interest rate side, the product range is even larger, starting from plain vanilla swaps up to cross-currency swaps and structured interest rate products. Commerzbank trades actively in FX and interest rate products in nearly all currencies.

We will be happy to advise and help our clients by using these products and introducing them into their clients' business.

Commodities & Precious Metals

As a European leader in commodity risk management (awarded Deutsches Risk: No 1 “Commodities” since 2011), Commerzbank supports you in identifying, quantifying and hedging commodity price risks. Our commodities solutions can be tailored to your needs across energy and emissions, precious metals, base metals as well as agriculture. We offer a wide range of instruments from plain vanilla (Swaps, Forwards, Options) to bespoke structured solutions. With Commerzbank’s comprehensive set of underlyings and instruments we help you to manage your commodity risks and implement your individual risk management strategy.

Precious Metals Services

Commerzbank is a leading international bank within the precious metals sector. For almost 40 years we have been in a unique position to offer innovative and tailor-made solutions to our retail, corporate and institutional clients.

As members of the London Bullion Markets Association (LBMA), the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM) and the New York Commodity Exchange (COMEX), we have a long-standing history of providing hedging solutions to our diverse client base in the OTC unallocated market with spot, forwards, swaps, metal leasing and deposit facilities, and other derivative products such as options or individual payoff profiles – experience you can rely on.

Find out more about commodities among risk management and investment solutions Commerzbank offers you.