Cash Services

Choosing Commerzbank's comprehensive portfolio of cash management products means making use of a sophisticated, highly efficient processing system, and the outstanding operational expertise of a leading services provider.

Our capabilities in international payment services provide speed, reliability, and global reach – all you need for your comfort and peace of mind. Commerzbank boasts Euro clearing systems, an in-house settlement with a large number of financial institution accounts, transaction settlement in almost 50 currencies, and an extensive network of financial institutions worldwide.

Our services:


Commerzbank offers you the maintenance of accounts in a wide range of currencies with competitive and flexible interest calculation features. Transaction processing is run through a variety of clearing systems and a widespread correspondent network, while a large variety of real-time and near-time reporting features enables optimal cash management.

We provide the full range of standard SWIFT statement and report messages, with additional demand-oriented functionalities and flexibility to meet your nostro reconciliation and short-term liquidity planning requirements.

Commerzbank also offers secure online reporting through which you will be able to browse your SWIFT-based cash and securities transactions in real time. With 24/7 availability, the service also captures and reflects information from different workstations and locations.

Commercial payment

Commerzbank offers a comprehensive suite of services for commercial payments based on a sophisticated processing system. Our extensive network – consisting both of accounts on our own books and partners across the globe – as well as direct participation in all major Euro clearing systems ensures we can process your payments efficiently and effectively.

Amongst other features, our commercial payment services include a fully automated execution of payments in almost 50 currencies to the debit of your euro or US dollar account, and a wide range of individual charging and settlement options.

Last but not least, when choosing Commerzbank’s commercial payment services, you will benefit from the operational expertise of our experienced staff in our center for correspondent banking in Frankfurt.

Payment enabling

If you have a Euro account and need to be reachable on euro clearing systems, indirect participation via Commerzbank is the ideal solution.

Through Commerzbank’s Payment Enabling service correspondent banks can be registered and listed in the TARGET2 and/or EBA EURO1/STEP1 directories.


Commerzbank has access to all Euro clearing systems such as EBA and TARGET2 and maintains a large number of accounts on its books. As such, we open the door to smooth transaction processing in euro and other currencies, outside the standard clearing schemes.

A sophisticated processing system and the personal support of Commerzbank's specialised staff are at your disposal with your individual Commerzbank clearing service arrangement – enabling you to settle your treasury clearing and cover payments in a quick and cost-effective way.


The securities market requires an extremely high level of expertise and experience. Profound know-how in regulatory rights and obligations is essential. Therefore you expect excellence, reliability and outstanding support in custodian services.

Commerzbank offers you comprehensive knowledge of the German market and its regulatory frameworks through its autonomous and highly sophisticated product package. Commerzbank's custody services comprise two key elements: a set of services related directly to the custodial handling of securities, and a set of added-value products that can be mixed and matched flexibly to meet your precise requirements. Services are structured in a way that allows made-to-measure packages to be put together to fit your individual needs and preferences. The following core components form the backbone of these services: settlement services, dividends and other income, reporting on a SWIFT basis, proxy voting, corporate actions, safekeeping, changes in capital, order routing.

Commerzbank is a leading provider of state-of-the-art custodian services with the ability to provide a portfolio of efficient service solutions tailored precisely to your needs. With over half a century of experience in core products and value-added services in asset administration, we focus on flexibility - integrating fresh ideas to optimize performance.

Product disclaimer
In certain jurisdictions it may not be permissible for Commerzbank AG and its subsidiaries in Germany to provide such products or services; in such cases we either will refer any business request to the entity within Commerzbank AG which is registered or licensed to render these services in such jurisdiction or may have to decline to provide the requested service.

Additional services

You appreciate outstanding support and a customer-oriented approach. We help to meet regulatory demands and formatting requirements, to monitor success in transaction quality, to deal with inquiries as soon as possible, etc. Our technical strength lies in our sophisticated infrastructure, and our personal excellence is derived from our highly trained staff.