Banking Products

Commerzbank provides you with the reach and scope of the services you require, as well as proven capabilities and long-standing experience in raising funds. We deliver solutions and can provide you with continuous access to secondary markets across our entire product line.

Bilateral Loans

Term loans, revolving credit, swingline, standby, or guarantee facilities for your corporate clients or private customers – all of these transactions demand coverage. Commerzbank provides you with individual, tailor-made bilateral solutions for all of your financing requirements.

Drawings with essentially floating interest rates are possible in a single currency or multiple currencies. We provide short-, medium-, and long-term financing with terms ranging from 6 months to 5 years and interest rates of 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Our flexible documentation and redemption scheme designs meet your needs.

We can offer you tailor-made refinancing with an assured interest rate level and planning reliability due to our customer proximity and individual handling.

Club Deals

The club deals offer obvious benefits: a single large loan from multiple banks of your choosing - and reduced operating costs due to a single arranger/administrator who remains your designated contact person throughout the loan's life. Because of our customer proximity and flexible handling, we can offer you customised club deals in terms of amount, redemption scheme, and documentation.

Commerzbank, in collaboration with your chosen consortium of banks, can underwrite significant amounts. Drawings with essentially floating interest rates such as LIBOR, EURIBOR, and so on are possible in a single or multiple currency. Lifetimes range from 24 to 60 months, with interest periods of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Commerzbank offers customised club deal solutions that are tailored to your specific financial needs!


For general or specific refinancing purposes, a "Schuldschein" could be the right solution for your needs. Schuldschein transactions can be arranged very quickly, with a lifetime of between 2 and 5 years, in order to improve your asset / liability management. Lending can be done by one bank, which might look for participants afterwards.

The Schuldschein is very similar to a bond, but less expensive, and it does not need to be registered at a stock exchange. Thus, the borrower of a Schuldschein has no access to the bond market. More flexible than a bond, the Schuldschein note can be adjusted to the customer's needs regarding repayment terms, drawdown periods, etc. Lending amounts range between EUR 10 and 100 million.

Commerzbank's wide-ranging portfolio of financial instruments gives us the flexibility to provide tailor-made solutions to our customers' needs. We don't even have to issue the promissory note, as the loan documentation is sufficient.

Syndicated Loan

Commerzbank has a strong track record as bookrunner, mandated lead arranger and underwriter of syndicated loans. Due to our customer proximity and flexible handling we can offer you individual kinds of syndication loans as well as a complete service for complex transactions.

In our regional syndication centres in Europe, North America and Asia multilingual traders and sales specialists as well as research analysts and loan closers are at your disposal. Additionally Commerzbank provides an internet-based bookbuilding platform for the primary loan market – simple to use, 100% secure and bespoke for syndicated loans.

As a reliable financial partner with significant underwriting capacity, Commerzbank offers you professional syndication thanks to its established contacts in the banking market.

You will benefit from our long-established relationship with national and supranational financial organisations around the world and our best reach into the community of loan investors - thus saving time and expenses.

Bonds, Private Placements & Other Debt Instruments

Commerzbank provides client-specific debt financing solutions in accordance with the international capital markets, working on solutions which respond to your individual requirements. Our product range offers customers a great variety of bonds and other debt instruments to choose from.

Commerzbank is one of the largest Covered Bond issuers, number one bookrunner in German Pfandbriefe and one of the top five houses internationally. In recent years Commerzbank has additionaly established a strong reputation in the Senior Unsecured Bond market and – with regard to the ECP & EMTN products – in the equity linked EMTN segment, where we offer a variety of innovative structures.

Commerzbank has excelled in the field of bond solutions for financial institutions for years. Our success is supported by “eBookbuilding” – the first and only innovative, integrated platform to combine roadshow coordination, bookbuilding and investor feedback. It provides a seamless approach in managing a transaction from the beginning to the end.

Islamic Finance

Islamic Banking has experienced a rapid development over the last years and has been strongly driven by investors looking for lawful (halal) investments.

Commerzbank offers a variety of interest-free competitive products meeting Islamic Finance requirements such as Murabaha deposits and Tawarruq financings.

  • Business relationship with clients acting in accordance with Sharia will be based on a tailor-made general agreement.
  • Commerzbank has its Islamic Finance focus on deposits and financing. Sharia compliance will be given according to the respective client´s Sharia-board specifications.

Commerzbank’s Financial Institutions are currently developing further Islamic Banking techniques, allowing our clients to structure their business in a Sharia-compliant way.

Commerzbank's long-standing relationships with financial institutions in the region, provides expertise and professional handling of your business transactions involving Islamic countries and Sharia.