Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

On 1 July 2014, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act has come into effect, with implications for financial institutions operating within the US, as well as abroad. FATCA expands the existing documentation, reporting, and withholding requirements related to US taxpayers investing outside the US, in an effort to minimize US tax evasion.

Many countries including Germany have signed Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) with the US, allowing foreign financial institutions (FFIs) in those countries to comply with FATCA obligations without breaching national data protection laws.

Commerzbank AG and its branches, affiliates, and subsidiaries worldwide (collectively referred to hereinafter as Commerzbank) are fully committed to providing the required FATCA information under the US Regulations and IGAs in order to help combat tax evasion.

Commerzbank itself has registered and obtained GIINs for group members. The IRS assigned the following GIIN to Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt, Germany: G51Q21.00000.LE.276.

For a list of GIINs of Commerzbank branches and subsidiaries abroad please refer to the download section of this page.

The GIINs have been published by the IRS on the FFI List.

You will also find the US tax forms of the W-series concerning Commerzbank in Germany and abroad in the download section of this page. Please note that these forms are to be used for account holder identification purposes under FATCA, only. Please check this page regularly for updates.

If you need a US tax form for a specific transaction generating US source FDAP, or if you need a US tax form not available for download here, please contact your relationship manager with details of such transaction. We will then send you the corresponding form.