Working together, learning together

The pilot project "Training Branch" offers a special way of promoting young talent: Young talent in Berlin-Nord have their jobs here at one location.

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Sabine Ostrowicki


Two groups of trainees sit and stand on one screen each in the training branch at Kurt-Schumacher-Platz in Berlin.
The junior staff in the training branch at Kurt-Schumacher-Platz in Berlin. Copyright: Commerzbank © 
Ayse Gündogdu, Regional Head of Consulting Branches Berlin-Nord, had the idea for the training branch. She explains the concept and objectives of her pilot project.

Ayse, apprentice branches that are independently organized by young people, is known from supermarkets, among other things. Have you been inspired by it?

Yes, the idea has always inspired me. And when I stood in the spacious branch on Kurt-Schumacher-Platz, I immediately thought that this could be the right place for a training branch. I have therefore worked out a concept in coordination with my manager Ralf Bendicks, with all the relevant committees and the branch team, and I am very pleased that we have now actually been able to implement this.

How can we conceive of the concept in concrete terms?

All this year's junior staff of my region in the works council area of Berlin learn together in the branch. Since we hired significantly more trainees in 2023, this makes sense. There is a fixed curriculum, repetitions and teaching interviews with a responsible instructor who is regularly on site. They are led by the employees of the consulting branch, who do not have an active sales contract for this period, but a training contract. In this way, training content can be conveyed in a concentrated manner and implemented directly.

How can the trainees act independently?

Of course, trainees cannot yet record certain things alone, such as securities or installment loans. However, they should have the opportunity to use their knowledge directly and to continually expand it. We have planned the project phase until the end of January 2024. In the vocational school weeks of the apprentices, the branch operation runs normally. We will inform the customers accordingly.

What added value do you hope for from the training branch?

The clear focus gives the trainees a motivating appreciation. We ensure a high quality of training and thus also increase our attractiveness to employers. At the same time, the junior staff are more closely networked with each other, can support each other and can also close knowledge gaps. I therefore hope to see positive impetus for recruiting and retaining young talent.