“We need an agenda for the future”

In an interview at the WELT Economic Summit, Commerzbank CEO Manfred Knof spoke out in favor of a comprehensive agenda for the future

Manfred Knof at WELT economic summit.
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In between events at the WELT Economic Summit, Manfred Knof, CEO of Commerzbank, called for a comprehensive economic initiative in Germany: “The agenda for the future must combine the essential parts of our economy and address the major issues: education, digitisation, energy and infrastructure."

At its core, it is about creating a reliable basis for planning for the German economy, advancing the green and digital transformation and thus securing our prosperity. To make this work, a deeper and more liquid capital market in Europe is needed now in order to mobilise private capital. "As a next step, it is important that the newly elected EU Parliament has this topic at the top of its agenda," explained Knof.

With regard to the social debate on right-wing extremism, Knof made it clear that Commerzbank is firmly opposed to any form of discrimination against people. He said he was "very pleased that civil society is now raising its voice against right-wing populism and discrimination."

At the beginning of the year, international decision-makers from politics and business met at the conference in Berlin.

Manfred Knof in an interview
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