Savings plan overview

The savings plan overview gives you an overview of the currently existing savings plans (if available), including change and deletion functions.

In addition, the following buttons are available for further actions:

  • Creating a payout plan
  • Creating a VL savings plan (for capital-forming benefits)
  • Creating a savings plan

Compact display

For better orientation, the compact display only shows the most important information of the existing savings plans at a glance.

These are the following order details:

  1. Type: Savings plan, payout plan or VL saving
  2. WKN: Security identification number that uniquely identifies the security.
  3. Designation: Name of the security
  4. Amount: amount with which the savings plan is executed at regular intervals
  5. Cycle: Execution cycle of the savings plan. The following options are available: monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annually and yearly

Detailed view

By clicking on the respective line in the savings plan overview, further detailed information can be displayed.

This information includes the following details:

  • Next execution: Date of next execution
  • First execution: Date of first execution of the savings plan
  • Last execution: Date of last execution of the savings plan
  • Dynamic modification p.a.: Percentage by which the amount of the savings plan increases each year
  • Settlement type: Semi-annual collective settlement or single settlement
  • Clearing account: IBAN and name of the account holder through whom the savings plan is processed.

Filter and sort functions of the savings plan overview

In the savings plan overview, you use the filter function to determine which securities accounts are to be displayed. You can choose whether savings plans for a single depot, for several depots or for all depots are to be displayed.

A sorting function is available to display the existing savings plans according to requirements, with which the overview can be sorted according to the criteria type, WKN or amount.

You can sort the savings plan overview in ascending or descending order by clicking on the arrows behind the desired sort characteristic. The current sort order is displayed with a black arrow.

In the basic setting, the savings plan overview is sorted by type.

Sorting is only possible if just a single depot has been selected in the filter.

Create a savings plan

To create a new savings plan, please click on the "Create savings plan" button at the bottom of the savings plan overview. The entry mask will open.

The 1st execution date for savings plans, VL savings plans and payout plans can already be entered for the current month.

It is therefore possible to run the first execution on the 15th of the current month, for example, if the setup was entered by 6 pm. of the previous day.

Securities selection

The securities can be selected either via the Securities Identification Number (WKN), the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) or the name of the security.

The proposal search automatically supports you in selecting the required security.

Order details and note column

The order details determine the concrete details of the savings plan, e.g. amount, frequency, execution date, first execution and term.

In addition, it is possible to add a suspension of the savings plan, i.e. to specify a period during which the savings plan is suspended. During this time, neither a deposit nor a withdrawal from the savings plan will be made.

The information column displays additional information on the securities account and the acquisition, holding and disposal costs.

The system also displays detailed cost information for this transaction. Click on "Detailed cost information" to obtain this information. You will also find the most important information on the screen in the cost information block (3).

Click on the "Next" button to release the securities savings plan.

Via the link "Products eligible for savings plans" stored in the information column, you can access the info broker and make your own selection of products eligible for savings plans. 

Release of the securities savings plan

Via the link "Show order details & cost information" (1) you can display the documents for your order for a final check. By clicking on the "Release" (2) button you will reach the final conclusion of the savings plan.

After entering the requested TAN and clicking on the "Release (payable)" button, the order is definitively placed for execution.

The new savings plan is immediately visible in the savings plan overview.

Please note the following special feature: Before you release the savings plan, each time you click on "Check savings plan", the "Cost information before securities transaction" is archived in the postbox. If you have activated your postbox, you can view it there immediately.

If you have not activated a postbox, you will find the "Cost information before securities transaction" in the information column.

Changing and deleting a savings plan

Changes and deletions are made using the "Pen" (change) and "Trash" (delete) icons. VL savings plans cannot be changed.

Release of a new VL savings plan without existing clearing account for capital-forming activities

After a successful check, you reach the release screen.

Before you can release the savings plan, click on the button "Show order details & cost information".

The following 3 documents will open: Cost information, savings plan conditions and savings contract (including order to the employer).

The new settlement account for your capital-forming benefits is not yet printed in the savings contract document, since it is not opened until you release it.

Following the successful release of the savings plan, the document including the account can be printed correctly (1). Please repeat the printout.

Before submitting the form to your employer, always make sure that the settlement account is printed correctly.

Details on the new cost information

For explanations and information on the new cost information and an example calculation, click here.