Opening the order proposal list

Orders resulting from the investment advisory process with an advisor can only be conducted via the order proposal list (OVL). Those will be displayed for maximum 28 days. You can reach the order proposal list via three different “jumping points”:

The “jumping points” can be found on the top of the corresponding mask. With a click on the hint “Display Details” in the window “There are open recommendations from the investment advisory” you can reach the order proposal list.

The three different jumping points can be found on the following masks:

Depot statement

Order book

Order entry page

Explanation of the order proposal list

In the order proposal list all buy- and sell recommendations from a conducted investment with your advisor are displayed.

Select in the header the depot (1) for which the existing recommendations shall be displayed as well as the desired investment advisory from (date) (2).

With a click on the button “Activate” a recommendation can become an order (3).

Activating an order

As already mentioned, all buy- and sell-recommendations from the investment advisory will be displayed at the order proposal list. Choose one recommendation that you would like to conduct as an order (click on “Activate”). You will now directly reach the order mask. All details from the investment advisory will be handed over to the order proposal list (e.g. type of transactions, WKN, name of security and recommended amount). If the Activate-Button is greyed out and thus inactive, the order cannot be conducted. For this please take the chapter “Updated votes” into consideration.

Our order proposals

Especially when conducting an order not directly after the investment advisory, some criteria of a product might have changed. Therefore every order entry from the order proposal list is controlled regarding the criteria of the product that could have changed since the moment of the investment advisory.

In the case of a deterioration of the target market the following error message appears:

„Seit der Beratung haben sich wesentliche Änderungen am Produkt ergeben, bzw. das Anlegerprofil wurde angepasst. Daher ist die Empfehlung nicht mehr durchführbar und es ist eine erneute Beratung notwendig.“

(“Since the investment advisory major changes concerning the product were surrendered or rather the investor profile was adjusted. Therefore the recommendation cannot be conducted anymore and another advisory is needed.”)

As described in the hint text another investment advisory has do be conducted with your advisor because major criteria and with it the basis for your decision has changed.

Update votes

In the order proposal list the current vote for the respective securities code number is displayed.

In the case that for minimum one product in the order proposal list the current vote from the vote list deviates from the vote of the product when the investment advisory was conducted by your advisor, a hint layer appears: “Votes have been updated: For the products listed below the votes have been updated since the last investment advisory. Please check the order proposals for the following securities: (list of respective securities)”.

With a click on „Verstanden“ (Understood) the hint layer closes and you reach the order proposal list.

If the “Activate”-Button is greyed out and inactive, the order cannot be conducted. Please contact your advisor in the branch in this case.