Disclosure of tax residency

Via this application you can give a disclosure of tax residency. In case of first disclosure you can insert your data in the corresponding dialog. After having added your tax data you can submit these via TAN. If you have already handed in a disclosure of tax residency, entry is via the display of your data which you then can edit.

Display of tax data

In this view you can see the so far indicated residence for tax purposes as well as the corresponding TINs (Taxpayer Identification Numbers) as far as availble. Please press the button "continue" so you can insert further information or you can delete or change existing data.

Input of tax data

If it is necessary to record your country of birth or your tax residency please choose the corresponding country. If a TIN is required please inform us accordingly. For some countries there will be a validation of the TIN. If the application should find discrepancies to your data please check the provided data. If the application will still not accept your data please delete your TIN. You will be asked to provide us with your TIN later.

After having submitted the necessary data please push the button “continue” and the confirmation-screen will be displayed.

Confirmation and release of data

Please check your data before pressing the button „submit“. If displayed data is incorrect, please contact your bank advisor and/or use in online banking feature Forms&Applications the Form “Change of address”.

By aborting the release you can access the input page and change your data.