third-party bank

With the multibanking functionality, you have the option of integrating accounts of other credit institutions into your financial and sales overview.

What is meant by Multibanking and why should I use it?

Multibanking allows you to get an overview of your entire finances and helps you to manage them centrally within Commerzbank Digital Banking. With Multibanking you can integrate and view your third-party bank accounts in the Commerzbank Digital Banking.

Add your third-party bank accounts to the Commerzbank Digital Banking with just a few clicks.

How can I set up Multibanking?

  1. Log in to the Commerzbank Digital Banking with your login credentials (username/participant number, PIN and TAN).
  2. Navigate to the Finance Overview and klick “Add third-party bank account”.
  3. Choose the third-party bank and the products you want to integrate.
  4. Enter your third-party bank login credentials and confirm the integration with a TAN of your third-party bank.
  5. Wait a few minutes and update the Finance Overview. The account and data are shown now.

Please note that within Multibanking the credentials and TAN-procedures of your third-party bank account are needed to be used and NOT those of Commerzbank.

Which third-party banks can I integrate in the Commerzbank Multibanking-Service?

Commerzbank Multibanking supports more than 1600 financial institutions. To check if your bank can be connected, you can use the bank selection of the Multibanking integration process. For this, click “Add third-party bank account” in the Finance Overview and enter the name of the third-party bank in the bank selection.

Currently there may be some restrictions in our Multibanking-Service. We are working to resolve these as soon as possible.

Restrictions may occur with following institutions: Hanseatic Bank, LBB-Kreditkarte, Mercedes-Benz Bank, solarisBank and Targobank.

Which products can be integrated within Multibanking?

The following third-party bank products can be integrated in the Commerzbank Digital Banking and displayed on the Finance Overview:

  • Current account
  • Credit card
  • Savings account
  • Credit account
  • Securities account
  • PayPal account

How can I integrate my PayPal account?

The integration of a PayPal account into Commerzbank Digital banking requires special PayPal access data. The required credentials (API authorization) can be requested within a few steps:

  1. Log in to the Commerzbank Digital Banking with your login credentials (username/participant number, PIN and TAN).
  2. Navigate to the Finance Overview and click “Add third-party bank account”.
  3. Choose PayPal as third-party bank and on the next page PayPal as the product.
  4. To integrate your PayPal account special PayPal credentials are required. Open the provided link:
  5. Log in with your PayPal credentials (email address or mobile phone number and password).
  6. Scroll down and the field "NVP/SOAP-API-Integration (klassisch)" appears. Here, click on "API-Berechtigung verwalten".
  7. The page "API-Berechtigung anfordern – PayPal" appears. Request the required API signature by clicking on “Zustimmen und senden”.
  8. API-User name, API-Password and API-Signature are displayed. Click on "Anzeigen".
  9. Enter these credentials in the fields provided on the Commerzbank page. Click on “Continue".
    When inserting the API signature, please make sure that there is no blank space at the end of the signature. This leads to incorrect integration.
  10. Wait a few minutes and update the Finance Overview. The account and data are shown now.

How can I delete third-party bank accounts?

To delete your third-party bank account, use the "delete"-button on the third-party bank overview. You can find the third-party bank overview on the Finance Overview by clicking on "Manage third-party banks" or via the navigation by clicking on "Additional services".

Please note:

  • The accounts within a bank and a product group (e.g. giro accounts) can only be added, updated and deleted together.
  • If you would like to remove the permission of the analysis and processing of all your transaction data, you need to do this in the setup process of a third-party bank. Within the process you have to remove the tick from the checkbox on the Product Selection Page. The selection applies to all third-party bank accesses.

Why do I see fewer transactions in the Commerzbank transaction overview than in my third-party banks Online Banking?

The account and transaction data are provided by your third-party bank’s interface. Commerzbank assumes no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the data. Authoritative is always the transaction data in the Online Banking of the account-holding institute.

Is it safe to enter the third-party bank login credentials and the TAN at Commerzbank?

Yes, it is. Commerzbank always uses the latest security and encryption methods. In addition, entered TANs or passwords are always transaction-related and only authorize the requested action in the context of Multibanking.

Are there any costs associated with Multibanking?

Commerzbank Multibanking-service is free of charge. Fees may apply within the scope of your respective TAN-procedure (e.g. for sending TANs via SMS).