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The Commerzbank charitable foundations: colleagues helping colleagues!


The Commerzbank charitable foundations help Bank colleagues, pensioners and their close family members who find themselves in need through no fault of their own.

They provide financial assistance for those dependent on support as a result of physical or psychological problems.

Their Help is provided in case of financial hardship which has arisen as a result of unforeseen circumstances, particularly illness.

About the charitable foundations

The charitable foundations Bankdirektor Amandus de la Roy, Meier-Bruck and Alfred Prahm date back to the initiatives of former board members and employees of Commerzbank in Hamburg. The Frankfurt-based Dr. h.c. Hugo Zinsser Foundation is funded by the estate of former Dresdner Bank board member Hugo Zinsser. The Bankdirektor Amandus de la Roy Foundation is the oldest among the charitable foundations within Commerzbank Group. It has been supporting colleagues since 1945.



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