Juergen Ponto Foundation for promotion of young artists

Juergen Ponto Foundation

The legally independent Juergen Ponto Foundation supports the next generation of artists in Germany. These include young artists setting out on their careers in the areas of music, the visual arts, literature and the performing arts.

The Foundation is named after the former Chairman of the Board of Dresdner Bank, Juergen Ponto, who was murdered by the Red Army Faction in 1977. In the same year, his widow, Ignes Ponto, and Dresdner Bank jointly set up the Juergen Ponto Foundation in memory of the commitment shown by Juergen Ponto to supporting young artists in Germany during his life.

The Foundation - which is based in Frankfurt am Main - is operationally active. This means that it develops its own support concepts which have a direct impact. It has endowment capital of EUR 11.2 million distributed a total of around EUR 300,000 in 2015.

The Foundation's ten-person Board of Trustees takes decisions on new support concepts.



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