Sustainable Finance strengthened at Frankfurt Sustainable Finance strengthened at Frankfurt


At the latest with the UN Climate Summit 2015 in Paris it became clear how urgent the transformation into a low-carbon and resource-efficient society is. The financial sector is particularly important because banks can provide important support with innovative financing solutions. For the development towards a sustainable and climate-friendly economy as well as for the orientation and implementation of a more sustainable financial system concrete and united actions of finance, politics and science are necessary.

With the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany, which was created in 2018 from the merger of the Green Finance Cluster Frankfurt of the Hessian Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Accelerating Sustainable Finance Initiative of Deutsche Börse, the position in the Frankfurt financial center should be strengthened. The aim of the initiative is to bundle sustainable activities in the financial sector and to strengthen their focus on climate protection and sustainable investments. Dialogue and exchange with each other is strengthened and expanded by the cluster.

In addition to cities such as Paris and London, the financial center Frankfurt has an internationally recognizable voice in questions of sustainable finance. Commerzbank has been one of the sponsors of the cluster since its inception and is committed to both content and financing. Initial projects focus on the connection between financing and climate targets as well as the associated risks.