Member of the Green Bond Principles Member of the Green Bond Principles


Commerzbank is a member of the Green Bond Principles since July 2014. By supporting the Green Bond Principles, we stress how important establishing principles of sustainability in the Bank’s core business is and will be in the future.

The guidelines define a voluntary standard for the issuing process of Green Bonds. The aim is to promote the standardisation, integrity and transparency in the Green Bond market. Therefore, Green Bond Principles submit, among others, a recommendation for the use of proceeds. According to the principles, all proceeds shall be invested in projects with clear environmental benefits. This includes renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable waste management, biodiversity or innovative and clean transportation. Commerzbank expects that the development of the Green Bond Principles will make an important contribution in the standardisation and further growth of the Green Bond market.

Recently, the market for Green Bonds has grown significantly. The times in which development banks and supranational issuers solely operated in this market are over. Since 2013, Commerzbank accompanies the issuance of Green Bonds, in particular for large energy companies.