Alliance for Development and Climate Alliance for Development and Climate



Climate protection is essential for the survival of humanity. We need international solutions, to limit the rise in temperature to well below 2 degrees, if possible 1.5 degrees Celsius. Currently only 17 out of 184 countries are on track in fulfilling their national commitments to the Paris Agreement. Germany is also lagging behind its own goals.

Developed countries are mainly responsible for climate change, but the main victims are the people in developing or emerging countries. That is why climate policies are always also development policies. In the context of its “Seven-point programme for Katowice”, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development initiated the Alliance for Development and Climate. Members strive to become climate neutral by:

→ reducing emissions
→ compensating unavoidable emissions

For the compensation members invest in climate protection projects in developing and emerging countries through the purchase of CO2 certificates. In doing so, they complement the public financing of climate and development in an effective way.

Commerzbank introduced a group wide climate strategy in 2009 and has been climate neutral since 2015. Here you can find the projects, in which Commerzbank invests in the context of its climate strategy. Apart from financing renewable energies, we also offer compensation solutions to our corporate clients.

We are happy to be, from the start, part of the Alliance for Development and Climate.