Guidelines Provide a Reference Frame Guidelines Provide a Reference Frame


Based on ComWerte, the corporate responsibility guidelines provide the basis for conduct at Commerzbank. We are confident that this will significantly contribute to the value and a secure future of Commerzbank. As a leading commercial bank in Germany, we are committed to our corporate responsibility and to the sustainable development of our business. Six guidelines provide us with a frame of reference:

  • Compliance and transparency: Compliance with laws and regulations and transparent reporting to shareholders and other stakeholders are the basis of our responsibility.
  • Integration in core business: Corporate responsibility is a significant component of our corporate culture, operational banking business and work processes.
  • Raising employee awareness: We can exercise our responsibility only if employees adopt the principle of sustainability in their day-to-day work. We strive to increase employee awareness of these issues.
  • Stakeholder dialogue: We aim to understand the expectations and interests of our stakeholders while presenting Commerzbank’s perspective in dialogue with clients, shareholders, business partners, the media, non-governmental organisations and various authorities. We view the results of this dialogue as a basis for the future development of our activities in the area of corporate responsibility.
  • Commitment to the United Nations Global Compact: We are a member of the UN Global Compact. Together with other companies and the UN, Commerzbank strives to uphold and promote fundamental principles of human rights, fair labour conditions, anti-corruption and environmental protection.
  • Continuous improvement: Commerzbank is continually developing and adapting its corporate responsibility strategy to the needs and expectations of a dynamically changing society.