Commerzbank's Values Commerzbank's Values



Commerzbank was founded by Hamburg merchants in 1870. To this day we consider ourselves bound by the values of the 'honourable businessman'. After all, a shared value concept creates a sense of identity and lays the foundations for lasting success. While pursuing highly ambitious business objectives, we do not lose sight of our responsibilities to people, society and the environment at all times.

In 2006 the Board of Managing Directors and representatives from across the bank defined values for Commerzbank with the aim of establishing a binding and unifying corporate culture. Facing the changes of Commerzbank during the last years, the values were adjusted and supplemented in 2018. The following five values form a binding and unifying corporate culture for all employees of Commerzbank:

  • Customer orientation: We think and act customer-oriented. We offer our customers strong and simple banking service – digital and face-to-face.
  • Performance: All employees deliver the best possible performance in their functions in order not only to meet, but to exceed customer expectations.
  • Integrity: This is our most vital asset. It is of utmost importance since it is the basis for the confidence placed in Commerzbank.
  • Team spirit: A successful overall result depends on the interaction of many. The basis of this cooperation is the respectful and cooperative interaction with each other.
  • Courage: We have the courage to go new ways and to try new things with the needs of our customers in mind. We want to make banking easier, faster and better. In doing so, we always assume responsibility for our own actions.

These Comwerte (corporate values) symbolise our vibrant, inspiring and independent corporate culture. They guide us in dealing with one another and define our conduct in relation to internal and external customers, market participants and society. The Comwerte provide permanent and sustainable foundations for our day-to-day business – now and in the future.