Investments with Potential Investments with Potential


In strategic partnerships with a range of highly respected asset management companies Commerzbank has been offering independent and neutral fund selections since 2004. The fund selection process takes into account both quantitative and qualitative criteria. The aim is to identify the best funds in each sector that outperform the market over the longer term. The quantitative analysis is based on a rigorous system of key indicators that lays the foundation for the selection of funds with success potential, thus guaranteeing neutrality and independence. This is accompanied by ongoing observation of the market by our Chief Investment Officer in line with our capital markets strategy.

In order to choose funds that suit the individual client, our advisers conduct interviews with each client to determine factors such as personal circumstances, investment goals, attitude to risk and investment planning. The results of these talks are used to establish the most suitable type of fund and the most suitable federal states, regions and sectors. The adviser then chooses from the list of recommendations the best-performing funds in the given categories.