Asset Management with „double return“ Asset Management with „double return“


The interest in sustainable investments is growing continuously. Like foundations and churches, private clients more and more intend to invest sustainably and expect ethically correct and environmentally friendly behavior of companies in which they invest.

Commerzbank offers a sustainable asset management to those customers from a starting volume of 500,000 euro. In addition to traditional investment criteria such as return, risk and liquidity, especially social, ethical and ecological aspects of the companies in which people can invest are taken into account at the sustainable asset management. In this respect, Commerzbank insists on the compliance with objective sustainability criteria. Commerzbank cooperates with the rating agency oekom research AG, one of the most experienced partners in the market. The agency continuously assesses and evaluates the conduct of about 3,800 companies and 57 countries.

On the equity side, the sustainable asset management in particular invests in individual values that are awarded with “prime” status. Apart from that, companies in the fields of nuclear energy, armament, gambling or tobacco as well as companies that are associated with controversial business practices are excluded from the investable universe. The practices inter alia include child labor, human rights abuses, violations of labor law or animal testing.