klimaVest: Impact fund for private investors klimaVest: Impact fund for private investors



In October 2020, Commerz Real has launched its first impact fund for private investors which focuses on real assets: klimaVest is investing in assets which make a tangible contribution to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, there are additional sustainability parameters pursuant to the current EU Taxonomy. In the course of its term of at least 50 years, klimaVest is intended to develop a portfolio of plants for the generation of renewable energies as well as sustainable infrastructure, mobility and forestry with a value of at least 25 billion euros, of which about 10 billion euros are equity capital. Investors can participate with sums of 10,000 euro upwards. They are provided with regular reporting not only regarding the value appreciation but also on the impact of the assets in the fund on the climate. In addition, using a digital CO2 calculator it is possible to calculate the impact of the investment on the personal CO2 footprint for the sum subscribed.

In order to attain the climate targets of the European green deal it is necessary to step up investments considerably. Therefore, klimaVest intends to make a substantial contribution to the energy turnaround. According to calculations by Commerz Real it would be possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 300,000 to 400,000 tonnes per annum with an initial investment of one billion euros. With a minimum investment of 10,000 euros in Klimavest this would approximate to three to four tonnes per annum. Commerz Real has already acquired nine wind farms as well as one solar park in Germany, Spain and Sweden with a total installed capacity of 150 megawatts.

For Commerzbank, which is initially exclusively marketing the product, klimaVest is an important addition to its product range because of the considerable increase of interest of our clients in sustainable financial investments. While so-called ESG funds (Environmental, Social and Governance) are usually defined by exclusion criteria – for instance no investments in lignite – impact funds have the objective of making a measureable positive contribution. klimaVest aims to limiting global warming by lowering carbon dioxide emissions, for example, while at the same time attaining a suitable return.

Further information: www.klimaVest.de

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Press Release 29 October 2020