Making Sustainability more Transparent Making Sustainability more Transparent


The interest in sustainable assets is growing continuously. With this interest also comes along an increasing demand for more transparency in terms of sustainability. Investors want to know, how sustainable a company in which invest, actually is.

Since the beginning of 2016 Commerzbank thus includes - as the first german bank - the oekom sustainability rating into its stock votings. Besides the “standard” company data and ratings customers receive a compact overview on how a company is rated in matters of sustainability and are thus able to include the evaluation into their investment decisions.

Commerzbank generally provides the sustainability ratings from oekom research on all individual stocks which it publishes votes for. Customers find the Commerzbank votes in the infobroker of the online banking portal or receive them in a consultation meeting in their local branch.

Oekom Research currently rates approximately 3,700 companies with regards to their social and ecological performance. Up to 100 sectoral criteria are chosen and considered for the rating of each company.