Less paper – and the forest profits twice Less paper – and the forest profits twice



Commerzbank is one of the two main sponsors of the nonprofit "Bergwaldprojekt e.V." (mountain forest project). The cooperation started in October 2018: For every switch to an electronic mailbox in online banking, Commerzbank plants one square meter of forest in Germany by passing on the cost savings for paper, printing and sending documents to the "Bergwaldprojekt". By the end of 2019, 670,000 square meters of new forest were created this way. Thus, the bank and its customers jointly save natural resources, reduce harmful CO2 emissions and support the stock of German forests. This is in line with Principle 7 of our sustainability strategy. The cooperation will continue in 2020 with various activities. For example, asset management customers receive the previously printed reporting mainly digitally. With the paper saved in this way, a further 3,500 square meters of forest can be afforested.

“Bergwaldprojekt” was established in 1987 in the wake of the debate about forest dieback and is active not only in Germany but also in Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Ukraine. The purpose of the association is the protection, preservation and care of forests, as well as fostering understanding for the interrelations between nature, forest issues and humanity’s dependence on these as a basis of existence. “Bergwaldprojekt” works with volunteers in forests, moors and open-land biotopes in different locations in Germany.

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