Listen. Talk. Improve. Listen. Talk. Improve.


Photo of the members of the Client Advisory Counsil in 2015

Shaping “The bank at your side” is the task of the 25 members of the Commerzbank’s Client Advisory Council. With the establishment of the Client Advisory Council in 2009 Commerzbank created a board to involve clients in the direct dialogue with the bank regarding design of services and offers. Since that time the Client Advisory Council contributes actively to the development of the private client segment. The objective is to raise client focus and client satisfaction.

As a representative body of our clients, the council can influence areas where clients interact with the bank: products, services and advice. Therefore the Client Advisory Council collaborates closely with the responsible departments: How can the quality of consulting services be improved? What features are really useful for mobile app users? What are the ideal account solutions for business clients? In this manner the Client Advisory Council is involved in the development of services and products at an early stage.

Fact-overview: Commerzbank’s Client Advisory Council

  • consists of 25 honorary members representing all segments of private clients
  • is set up regionally: every market segment is represented by at least one client from every client segment
  • has a 3-year term of office (current term of office: June 2015 until June 2018)
  • gives impulse in the fields of advice, products and services
  • participates in workshops, surveys and pilot surveys
  • debates with management and experts
  • meets the Managing Director for the Private Clients segment and Chairman of the Client Advisory Council, Michael Mandel, once a year
  • represents implemented client focus and stresses our orientation toward being a fair and competent bank

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