Our Aim: Satisfied Clients Our Aim: Satisfied Clients


Involving customers across the board

All Group units actively engage with customers so as to take systematic account of their interests. Experts communicate with customers through various media to ensure that their ideas and suggestions are taken into account when developing products and services. The UX Studio of Commerzbank supports this process with insights into the requirements and needs of users. UX stands for user experience, that is the customer’s experience before, during and after their use of a product. In UX research studies, customers, non-customers and employees are involved at an early stage in the entire development process and in live operations to ensure Commerzbank’s customer focus.

In addition, we have set up a UX branch in Frankfurt. This is a regular branch in which we try out new things during ongoing operations – whether it be technical innovations or design elements that make life more pleasant for customers and employees. In order to learn from our customers, we ask them for their opinion in online surveys.


mBank has a similar project known as the mBank Lab, where banking experts meet with customers to design and test new services. In line with the design thinking method, customers become part of the process by supporting the development of solutions and the testing of prototypes.


The Commerzbank brand comdirect carries out activities to foster customer loyalty that are based in part on the “comdirect community”, where customers and others with an interest in the financial markets can discuss products and other financial topics with the Bank.

Complaint management

We can only achieve lasting success if our clients are satisfied with the service they receive and if they think of us as 'the bank at your side'. Nonetheless, if a client does see the need to complain, we want to restore the client's faith in us by making the complaints process as smooth as possible. That means understanding what has happened, putting mistakes right and finding a fair and practical solution that works for both sides.

Clients can tell us their feedback via our contact form, by phone via our satisfaction hotline, in person at their branch or by letter.