Energy-efficient real estate promoted Energy-efficient real estate promoted



In Germany, buildings account for a good third of the energy requirements and are also responsible for about 30 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions over here. To make investments in energy efficiency even more profitable, Commerzbank offers discounted financing conditions for the construction or purchase of low-energy properties.

The "Green Mortgage" grants an interest discount for residential properties whose final energy consumption is less than 50 kWh per square meter and year and therefore meet efficiency class A+ or A. This applies equally to the purchase, new construction, modernisation or the rescheduling of ongoing financing. We support condominiums, single or two-family houses, terraced houses, semi-detached houses and apartment buildings as well as residential and commercial buildings (up to 1/3 commercial tenancy share of income). Funding programmes from KfW can be combined with the green mortgage. The prerequisite is the confirmation of the energy requirement by an energy consultant or architect (valid energy certificate).

For Commerzbank, green mortgage is a further contribution to climate protection and an important component of our sustainability strategy.