Driving the Future of Banking Driving the Future of Banking



The financial services sector is changing constantly. Due to technical innovations, changing regulations and customer needs, processes and financial products have to be adjusted. With the Main Incubator GmbH, in short main incubator, Commerzbank aims at recognizing trends in the banking sector in an early stage, participating in financial sector innovations as well developing and implementing banking trends with a company building approach. The main incubator looks at startups with innovative banking products and solutions, so-called FinTechs which benefit Commerzbank or its customers. The 100 % subsidiary of the Commerzbank AG accompanies FinTech-Startups until the market launch of their products and even further. At the point of its operative launch the main incubator was the first incubator of a major bank for financial-technologies startups in continental Europe.

The main incubator offers FinTechs capital with a leverage effect: Access to private and corporate customers of Commerzbank, venture capital, banking know-how and, if desired, also office and IT-infrastructure in the facilities of the incubator. This proximity bears the advantage, that startups can communicate immediately with experts, exchange their knowledge and solve problems more quickly. Thus the main incubator provides a strategic partnership between a major bank and a startup.

Moreover, the main incubator initiated the monthly event “Between the Tower. FinTechCity_Frankfurt” in October 2014 to strengthen the German FinTech-ecosystem. The series integrates and informs FinTech-startups, investors, economy and science to build up the FinTech-ecosystem. In the meantime the event has grown to be the biggest networking series for FinTechs in the D-A-CH region.