Finding the Right Development Funding Finding the Right Development Funding


When faced with the need to finance long-term capital expenditure, our clients can reduce the payable interest by taking out a development loan, and may also qualify for a government grant to reduce the loan cost. These are just two of many advantages.

Long-term development loans of up to 20 years offer funding security, and fixing the interest rate for up to 10 years gives borrowers a stable basis for cost planning.

In addition to the KfW's development programme loans and similar products from the federal state development banks, we also offer favourable lending terms on our global loans which we arrange with a range of public-sector refinancing institutes such as the European Investment Bank EIB (loans for KMU and MidCaps).

It can be difficult to choose from the wide range of available development funding opportunities. As a result many companies do not get the help they need. We are always happy to give our customers an overview of the various options available and the pros and cons of each one. This enables Commerzbank's corporate client relationship managers to support companies by using the appropriate funding.

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