Sustainability as part of the finance solution Sustainability as part of the finance solution



Improving energy efficiency: becomes more and more important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Not only to make a contribution to climate protection and to fulfill legal requirements. The energy costs can also be reduced. This naturally requires high investments. With a share of around ten percent in sustainable financing with KfW funding programs, Commerzbank is one of the leading banks in financing corresponding investments by German SMEs. When developing financing solutions, Commerzbank actively involves aspects of sustainability by informing its customers about the benefits of public funding for these investments and motivating them to implement sustainable projects.

The earlier the Commerzbank corporate client relationship manager are involved in the planning of projects, the more valuable the opportunities can be to save energy with little additional effort and thus to recoup a building investment more quickly. For certain projects additionally paid repayment subsidies seem like "free money."

Even if the implementation of the energy transition usually requires investments, no company has to cover the costs on its own. Commerzbank’s funding consulting provides access to suitable funding opportunities.