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Investors are increasingly asking for more sustainability funds. Sustainable fund assets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland increased from 1.5 billion in the year 2000 to 64 billion in 2015.

Since September 2015 Commerzbank offers its own sustainability fund. The „Globale Aktien – Katholische Werte“ (Global Stocks – Catholic Values) is specifically designed for the investment needs of churches, though it addresses all investors who are interested in sustainability funds. The MSCI World Index, which comprises more than 1,600 stocks from 23 countries, functions as the basis of this fund. On the basis of the sustainability criteria of the Catholic Church the number of stocks was reduced by MSCI to 750. The investable universe accordingly reflects the ethical-sustainable criteria of the Catholic Church. Companies from segments such as alcohol, gambling, tobacco, armament, nuclear power, genetic research and stem cell research are excluded. The full exclusionary criteria are listed in detail in the product presentation on pages 8 and 9.

The Commerzbank Asset Management Team specifically chooses shares with a below-average risk, an attractive valuation as well as a high dividend yield. The fund is managed by Commerz Funds Solutions. Other than „Globale Aktien – Katholische Werte“, they currently manage seven funds with active investment processes. As of the end of 2015, the sustainability fund comprises approximately 9% of all Assets under Management (AuM) in the actively managed public funds of Commerzbank Asset Management.

Proven Quality


The "Global Shares - Catholic Values" fund corresponds to the quality standard for sustainable investment, developed by the Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG). The fund received the FNG label with two stars. more