A Reliable Partner for SMEs A Reliable Partner for SMEs


Commerzbank is Germany's leading bank for SMEs, helping them do business both in Germany and worldwide. We finance approximately 30 per cent of Germany’s foreign trade and are leader in financing for SMEs. With the Mittelstand (SMEs) playing a leading role in job creation and the economy, this is an area where we take our responsibilities particularly seriously. Fairness, professionalism and, as a corollary of these values, client satisfaction guide us.

We provide access to the global capital markets for corporate and institutional clients. The UN Global Compact as well as our positions and directives constitute our framework of our products. We for example do not issue any new exchange-traded investment products based on food staples. We refrain from speculative proprietary trading and work in the capital market business only on behalf of our clients.

Commerzbank is member of the green bond principles and is actively engaged in the further development of this market segment. Recently, we have assisted and placed a number of green and social bonds into the market as lead manager. We furthermore offer sustainable fund solutions for our customers, and customized ethical asset management. We promote renewable energies via the Centre of Competence Energy, an important area of activity for Commerzbank's corporate clients segment. Our SME customers can take advantage of our 'UnternehmerPerspektiven' series of studies and events.

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