Our News in 2017 Our News in 2017


Motiv-Investing at Comdirect (19 December 2017)

With the new Motiv-Investing clients of comdirect can specifically invest in topics that correspond to their personal values and beliefs. These include environment, health, digitisation, emerging markets, german economy and mega trends. more


FNG label for Commerzbank fund (30 November 2017)

The "Commerzbank Global Stocks - Catholic Values" fund corresponds to the quality standard for sustainable investment in the German-speaking countries, developed by the Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG). The fund received the FNG label with one star the second year in a row. The list of all funds with FNG label 2018 comprises 45 titles.

Green Finance Cluster Frankfurt started work (14 November 2017)

The Green Finance Cluster Frankfurt was established with the aim to support the contribution of financial industry in the transformation process to a climate friendly and sustainable economy. Commerzbank has been there right from the start. more


Apply now for an environmental internship in 2018 (26 October 2017)

In 2018, Commerzbank will once more enable up to 75 students from all disciplines to work as interns for several months at participating national parks, nature reserves and biosphere reserves throughout Germany. The closing date for applications is 15 January 2018. more

New life for used paper towels (20 October 2017)

Since 2016, Commerzbank has recycled paper towels from washrooms of the headquarters. Until now, 25 tonnes of towels has been returned to the economic cycle as toilet paper. This pioneering project from Essity was now honoured with the European Paper Recycling Award 2017. more

Commerzbank attends green bond from Iberdrola (5 October 2017)

The Spanish electricity generator and distributor Iberdrola issued a Green Bond in the amount of 750 million euro in September 2017. The bond has a maturity date in September 20127 and a coupon of 1.25 percent. Iberdrola uses the proceeds to finance or refinance projects in the area of renewable energy in Germany and Great Britain. Commerzbank acted as joint bookrunner. For Iberdrola, it was already the sixth green bond transaction. more


Compliance Statement to Sustainability Code (29 September 2017)

Commerzbank has again committed to comply with the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex DNK). The twenty criteria and additional performance indicators in the DNK describe the essential requirements for corporate sustainability and enable the sustainability performances of participating companies to be compared. more

Commerzbank certified Platinum by the LEED (28 August 2017)

Since August 2017, Commerzbank-Tower in Frankfurt is Platinum certified by the LEED. Together with the Gallileo-Skyscraper Commerzbank is now using two of only three buildings in Frankfurt labelled with the LEED Existing Buildings Award. In order to gain such excellent results, Commerzbank invested in a broad set of measurements such as optimisation of lightning. more


Sustainability Report (26 July 2017)

How can a bank shape the future? The answer is given by Commerzbank's new Corporate Responsibility Magazine. The reporting is completed by the simultaneously published balance sheet of our sustainability performance 2016 according to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. more

Computer monitors for a good purpose (21 July 2017)

Commerz Direktservice GmbH, a subsidiary of Commerzbank, provides the City of Duisburg with 60 discarded but fully functional computer monitors for a good purpose The City of Duisburg took the screens in the Angertaler Strasse youth center. The devices will partly be used by a project of the Youth Center and are also passed on to Duisburg schools.

Commerzbank fund honoured for climate friendliness (19 July 2017)

The sustainability fund “Commerzbank Globale Aktien – Katholische Werte“ (Commerzbank Global Stocks – Catholic Values) is particularly climate-friendly: Climetrics, the world’s first climate impact rating for funds, awarded it four stars out of five. The rating is based, among others, on the climate impact of the companies in the portfolio. The fund is part of the sustainable investment offers of Commerzbank, which take into account not only financial but also social and ecological aspects.


Commerzbank awarded for its significant contribution to sustainability (13.6.2017)

Commerzbank has been recognised as the "Bank that has made the most significant contribution to sustainability" by leading specialist publication, Global Trade Review, as part of the magazine’s "Leaders in Trade 2016" awards.
In all of the trade-related transactions in which Commerzbank is involved, we include high standards of sustainability among our lending criteria. more


Annual General Meeting’s CO2-emissions compensated (1.6.2017)

The carbon dioxide emissions of the Commerzbank 2017 General Meeting in the amount of 247 tonnes were balanced by the purchase of certificates of climate protection projects (previous year: 301 tonnes). With its climate strategy Commerzbank has set an ambitious goal for the reduction of CO2 emissions. Unavoidable emissions are compensated for through the acquisition of high-quality CO2 certificates. more

Commerzbank signs "Frankfurt Declaration" (24.5.2017)

In a joint declaration, about 40 banks, corporations, universities and non-governmental organisations committed to build sustainable financial sector infrastructures in May 2017. Commerzbank is one of them. The „Frankfurt Declaration“ was initiated by the Deutsche Börse. more


Invest sustainable – benefit for the long-term (11.4.2017)

In a special action between April and August 2017, Commerzbank offers its private customers five carefully selected sustainability funds without any initial charge when using online banking. Commerzbank hereby wants to encourage its customers to participate in the growing market of SRI with its long-term returns. more


Lights off - Environmental awareness on (27.3.2017)

Once again Commerzbank took part in the worldwide initiative "Earth Hour". On 25 March the lights in several buildings in Frankfurt and Berlin were turned off for one hour. Far beyond these 60 minutes the initiative strives to motivate people for a more sustainable life. Commerzbank has long been active in climate protection. We have designed a climate strategy that alignes our existing activities with those we plan for the future. more


Commerzbank part of Business Energieeffizienz Netzwerk (14 March 2017)

Together with 14 companies from Frankfurt, Commerzbank became a part of the Business Energy Efficiency Network developed by the German government and the German Industrial Associations. Its goal is to cut the German primary energy consumption by 50 per cent between 2008 and 2050. Along with the implementation of energy saving measures, a mutual exchange of experiences is to be expected. Hereby, the companies are supported by independent energy consultants. more

Commerz Real is investing in renewable energies (21 February 2017)

For the "CR Institutional Renewable Energies" Commerz Real bought two wind parks in Brandenburg for 105 million euros at the end of January. A total of 15 wind turbines in the district of Dahme-Spreewald southeast of Berlin now belong to the fund, which is to manage about 300 million euros. Further facilities are to be added. The fund is aimed in particular at institutional investors whose interest in professionally managed renewable energy plants is high In addition to wind power, Commerz Real is also investing in solar parks with several funds, and is one of the largest asset managers for solar plants with a financed peak performance of 385 megawatts.


Commerzbank listed as Oekom Prime (8 February 2017)

For the first time ever, Commerzbank has moved up into the prime segment in the latest rating by Oekom Research. The Bank’s ranking puts it among the world’s leading companies in the observance of ecological and social criteria in its corporate management. more


Christmas initiative (2 January 2017)

At Christmas 2016, Commerzbanker have fulfilled more than 800 children's wishes. In addition to central activities in Frankfurt, regional bank representatives, for example in Berlin, Hamburg and Göttingen, supported social childrens and youth institutions. more