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Good advice for long-term customer relationships (21 December 2016)

Sustainable also in relation to the customers: For the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) Commerzbank is the "Advisory Bank 2016". This is the total result of five studies, which DISQ examined 15 banks and savings banks in 2016. Commerzbank as the test winner achieved top placements in all studies. The greatest strength lies in mortgage financing. In the further studies, Commerzbank's consultants also score points with their competence, motivation, friendliness and targeted needs analyzes (Source: German Institute for Service Quality on behalf of n-tv). more


FNG label for Commerzbank fund (23 November 2016)

The "Commerzbank Global Stocks - Catholic Values" fund corresponds to the quality standard for sustainable investment in the German-speaking countries, developed by the Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG). The fund received the FNG label with one star. The list of all funds with FNG label 2017 comprises 38 titles.


The new volunteering portal is now online (8 November 2016)

Thanks to the cooperation with Aktion Mensch Commerzbank employees have access to the German biggest voluntary database. They can choose between more than 10,000 offers the one in their immediate vicinity and help other people.

Declaration on the draft Climate Action Plan 2050 (7 November 2016)

Together with 40 other companies and industry associations, Commerzbank has issued a declaration on the 2050 draft climate action plan. As a central framework for Germany's contribution to the implementation of global climate change, the climate protection plan must be measured at the Paris agreement. It should provide companies with a basis for action to make the best use of the economic opportunities of climate protection and to be internationally leading with sustainable innovations. more


CDP sector leader financials (26 October 2016)

The CDP Climate Disclosure Ranking awards Commerzbank the status of “Sector Leader Financials” in the DACH-region for the second time in succession. Overall, the bank score of A- makes it one of the top 15 percent of financial companies.


Commerzbank listed in STOXX Global ESG Leaders (20 October 2016)

As of fall 2016 Commerzbank is listed in the STOXX® Global ESG Leaders Index. Thus the Bank ranks among the leading group of 300 companies worldwide to distinguish themselves by taking into account environmental, social and governance criteria, the so-called ESG criteria, in their entrepreneurial activities on a comprehensive scale. more


Apply now for an environmental internship in 2017 (17 October 2016)

In 2017, Commerzbank will once more enable up to 70 students from all disciplines to work as interns for several months at participating national parks, nature reserves and biosphere reserves throughout Germany. The closing date for applications is 15 January 2017. more


Sustainable Asset Management (26.9.2016)

The interest in sustainable investments is growing continuously. Like foundations and churches, private clients more and more intend to invest sustainably. Commerzbank offers a sustainable asset management that takes social, ethical and ecological aspects into account. more


Sustainability report particularly credible

Commerzbank has occupied the 4th place with 481 points among 79 evaluated large companies at the ranking of sustainability reports in 2015 from IÖW/future. The average score was 311 points. As one of only two companies, Commerzbank achieved full score in the category “credibility”. more


Compliance Statement to Sustainability Code (14.9.2016)

Commerzbank has again committed to comply with the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex DNK). The twenty criteria and additional performance indicators in the DNK describe the essential requirements for corporate sustainability and enable the sustainability performances of participating companies to be compared. more


CO2 compensation with social benefits (13.9.2016)

Commerzbank endeavours to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from banking operations continuously. If emissions can’t be avoided, they are compensated by high-quality certificates. Therefore, Commerzbank has bought and decommissioned 20,000 certificates of a solar water heater programme in South Africa. Apart from the ecological aspect, the programme also has social benefits: it created hundreds of new jobs and the solar water heaters improve the quality of life of 80.000 households. more


Political dialogue on the energy transition (7.9.2016)

The “Political Breakfast” at the representative office of Commerzbank in Berlin was all about questions on the energy transition. Stefan Kapferer, general manager of the “Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft” (Federal Association of the German Energy and Water Industries), gave impetus for a discussion with the representatives of politics, science and economy. Commerzbank aims at contributing to the success of the energy transition but also at using the related business opportunities. This is realized through the project Energiewende@Commerzbank. more


Commitment in refugee relief (31.8.2016)

Since late summer of 2016, Commerzbank supports the set-up and the development of “Kompass” for three years – the new program of JOBLINGE which aims at the integration of young refugees into the labour market. The dedication of Commerzbank is part of “Wir zusammen”, the joint initiative of the German economy. more


Report on sustainable progress (3.8.2016)

Commerzbank presents the report on its sustainability performance in 2015, according to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The selection of topics for this so-called GRI Report was based on a materiality analysis in the reporting year in order to identify those issues with the highest relevance for the company both today and in future: These are particular issues of integrity, long-term stability, relationship with customers and employees, as well as sustainability criteria in lending and thus in the core of banking. more


New coal guideline (21.7.2016)

The Board of Managing Directors of Commerzbank has adopted a new coal guideline. It comprises the substantial elements of the process chain, from coal extraction to coal-fired electricity generation at power plants. With this new guideline we fulfil our corporate responsibility regarding environmental and social risks. At the same time we continue to support our clients with their strategic considerations to successfully meet the specific challenges of the energy sector. more

Commerzbank listed again in “Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120” (6.7.2016)

Commerzbank is again listed in the semi-annually sustainability index "Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120". The index highlights the 120 companies in the euro zone with the best performance in environmental, social and governance issues. more


Commerzbank awarded for sustainable work environment (20.6.2016)

Commerzbank has been awarded with the German Award for Excellence by DQS in the category “Employer Accountability”. Offerings such as the health management, possibilities for flexible working hours as well as activities evolving around work and family were assessed. Hereby the bank produces a work environment that enables sustainable business success, according to the Jury. Commerzbank receives the prize for the second time: In 2015 the climate strategy of Commerzbank was honored. more


B.A.U.M. environmental prize ceremony in Berlin (15.6.2016)

Commerzbank was host on 6 June of this year’s B.A.U.M prize ceremony. Environmental minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks honored representatives of the economy, scientists and media professionals, that outstandingly support and promote sustainability and environmental protection in their positions with the B.A.U.M. environmental prize. more


Annual General Meeting’s CO2-emissions compensated (13.6.2016)

The carbon dioxide emissions of the Commerzbank 2016 General Meeting in the amount of 301 tons were balanced by the purchase of certificates of climate protection projects. With its climate strategy Commerzbank has set an ambitious goal for the reduction of CO2 emissions. Unavoidable emissions are compensated for through the acquisition of high-quality CO2 certificates more


Heroes for Animals (3.5.2016)

As a peregrine pair breeds on the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt, the bank blocks the roof for the entire nestling period. The animal rights organisation Peta now awards Commerzbank as "Helden für Tiere" (heroes for animals) for its animal-friendly commitment. more


One year climate neutrality (20.4.2016)

Since January 2015 Commerzbank is climate neutral. The CO2 emissions of 121,083 tonnes in 2015 have been completely compensated through high-quality CO2 certificates. more

Position on Human Rights revised (18.4.2016)

Commerzbank has revised and updated its position on human rights. In the position it shows how implements its human rights responsibilities with regard to their most important stakeholders - implements - employees, suppliers and customers.This position on human rights is continuously reviewed and revised. The current positions and information on further positions and directives of Commerzbank can be found in the category “Human Rights”. more

More Solar Energy in 2015 (8.4.2016)

In 2015 the CFB-Funds Solar-Deutschlandportfolio I through V produced more renewable energy than predicted. The funds were emitted by the Commerz Real Fonds Beteiligungsgesellschaft and are invested in Solar Parks in sunny areas of Germany. Depending on the location, the higher yield ranges between 3 and 12 per cent. In total, around 23.4 million additional kWh were produced. This corresponds to the annual consumption of around 5,400 households with four people. Environment and investors of the solar funds both are happy about the plus. more

Lights off - Environmental awareness on (21.3.2016)

Once again Commerzbank took part in the worldwide initiative "Earth Hour". On 19 March the lights in several buildings in Frankfurt and Berlin were turned off for one hour. Far beyond these 60 minutes the initiative strives to motivate people for a more sustainable life. This year the worlds biggest environmental initiative celebrated its 10th birthday - and cities all around the world joined the party. more


Commerz Real receives Peace Dove for Social Day (4.3.2016)

In May 2015 employees from Commerz Real renovated the Albrecht-Dürer-Friedensschule” in Wiesbaden. Now their efforts were honoured with a dove of peace from the artist Richard Hillinger.

Sustainability ratings in stock votes (15.2.2016)

Since the beginning of 2016 Commerzbank includes the oekom research sustainability rating into its stock votings. Customers find the Commerzbank votes in the infobroker of the online banking portal or receive them in a consultation meeting in their local branch.