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Training as a sustainable investment in the future (31 July 2020)

At Commerzbank, 425 apprentices and dual students will have their first working day on 3 August 2020. This is around 15 percent more than in the previous year. In IT alone, 100 junior employees start. This reflects the digital transformation of the banking industry. Commerzbank offers a total of eight different vocational training courses and dual degree programs. In all areas, we will only develop as required. This year, we were able to take over all the junior staff who wanted to do so. more


Annual General Meeting’s CO2-emissions compensated (16 July 2020)

The carbon dioxide emissions of the Commerzbank 2020 Annual General Meeting in the amount of 3.3 tonnes were balanced by the purchase of certificates of climate protection projects. The virtual implementation of this year's General Meeting, due to the Corona pandemic, explains the significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions caused. The 2019 Annual General Meeting with physical attendance was responsible for 152 tons. more


New targets for more climate protection (14 July 2020)

After Commerzbank's current climate target of 70% CO2 savings in Germany compared to 2007 was reached ahead of schedule, the bank has now adopted a new climate target: An additional 15% CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 2025 (base year 2018). This is equivalent to CO2 savings of 2,600 tons per year. For the first time, the new climate target includes international Commerzbank locations in around 20 countries. Non-avoidable emissions are still compensated by the purchase of CO2 certificates, so that banking operations remain climate neutral. Moreover, two new energy targets have been set: Total energy consumption is to be reduced by an average of 2% per year by 2025 compared to 2018. In addition, power consumption per full-time employee should be kept constant by 2025 compared to the base year 2018 - despite increasing digitization. more


Market research with added value for society (09 July 2020)

Commerzbank has been supporting the Joblinge e.V. initiative for many years with its education mentor programme. The aim is to offer young people with tough starting positions a perspective for their future and to integrate them into the labor market. We have now also supported the association in its work by developing and building a new Internet platform with our in-house user experience studio: The prototype was examined for perception, comprehensibility and usability and identified opportunities for improvement. more

Sustainable facility management for real estate of Commerz Real (2 July 2020)

Commerz Real will gradually increase its environmental performance in cooperation with Frankfurt's Mainova. First of all, it is about buildings of the open-ended property fund Hausinvest. Their tenants will benefit from an eco-electricity tariff model developed specifically for them. In addition, Mainova is equipping the Hausinvest real estate with intelligent measurement systems for electricity in order to better exploit energy-saving potential. According to rating agency Scope, CO2 emissions in Hausinvest are already significantly below the industry average. The cooperation agreement also provides for the installation of intelligent measuring systems for gas and water as soon as the technical equipment is available. more


GRI Report 2019 published (30 June 2020)

Commerzbank presents its sustainability report 2019 in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Report 2019). In this overview, we give a detailed view on our sustainability achievements. For the first time, we also report on the newly established standard GRI 207: Taxes. The GRI Report is also our Communication on Progress (COP) regarding the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. more


Climate commitment of the German financial sector (30 June 2020)

Commerzbank, together with 15 other actors in the German financial sector, today signed a climate commitment 2020. It commits itself to aligning its credit and investment portfolios in line with the objectives of the Paris climate agreement. more


New online magazine for responsible investments (30 June 2020)

In the first issue of our new investment magazine called nachhaltig+ (i.e. sustainable and more), the chief investment officer from our private client segment explains everything about investing responsibly and how Commerzbank is committed to the Bergwald project. The film format will be released every three months in the future (German only). more


Sustainability Program 2017 completed (23 June 2020)

Since 2017, Commerzbank has been working on the implementation of its 100-goal sustainability program. This program will now complete with a final status message. We are currently defining new targets within the framework of the Group-wide strategy project "Sustainability 5.0", which will follow the program. more


Continuous promotion of the “Bergwaldprojekt” (16 June 2020)

Even after the successful end of the tree-planting campaign for installing the electronic mailbox at the end of 2019, which afforested 670.000 square meters of leisure and retreat space for people and animals, Commerzbank remains one of the two main sponsors of the “Bergwaldprojekt e.V.” The cooperation will continue in future with various activities. For example, the reports in asset management, which were previously printed, are now mainly available to customers in digital form. Thanks to the saved paper, a further 3.500 square meters of forest can be afforested. more


Supporting the campaign against child abuse (16 June 2020)

According to the first figures, the coronavirus has led to an increase in domestic and family violence. Therefore, Commerzbank supports the "Kein Kind allein lassen" campaign of the independent commissioner for questions regarding child sexual abuse, who is acting on behalf of the German government. As part of this campaign, Information documents with contact options for affected children and attentive adults are available in the Commerzbank branches.

Top career opportunities for women at Commerzbank
(27 May 2020)

Commerzbank has made it to the podium for women’s careers. According to a recent study commissioned by the "Deutschland Test", Commerzbank offers top career opportunities for women. Companies from over 200 branches were surveyed. Commerzbank is once again in first place among the banks. We commit to equal opportunities and gender diversity. Currently, the proportion of women in leadership positions is at 32.5%. As a part of our sustainability program, we aim to achieve an increase to 35% across all management levels by the end of 2021. more


Spontaneous relief action in the Corona crisis (7 May 2020)

Commerzbank leaves 15 cars from the Bank's fleet, which are normally used for business trips, free of charge to the Johanniter aid organization until the end of June including refuelings. The 800 Johanniter people in Frankfurt and neighboring districts have to make many additional trips in the Corona crisis, for example to provide employees with mouthguards and disinfectants or to help those in need with shopping.


Support for parents working at home (29 April 2020)

"Childcare while working is like brushing teeth with Nutella." This description is quite good for the current situation of many of Commerzbank's employees. In order to remedy this, the Bank's Diversity Management, together with the pme Family Service, offers online support for children of employees. For two to three hours a day, children of similar ages are kept entertained with reading, doing crafts, singing or playing games. In addition, diversity colleagues recommend numerous online formats for learning, creativity and sport at home. The positive reactions on the intranet show how well the offers are received in both generations.


Statement of the UPJ Network for Solidarity, Common Sense and Cohesion (6 April 2020)

To take responsibility and show commitment is even more important during the Corona pandemic than before. With a statement published today, the members of the UPJ Network for Corporate Citizenship and CSR - including Commerzbank - stick to their social commitment. Under the motto #WirBleibenEngagiert (we remain committed) examples are given on the website of how the companies help in the crisis in concrete terms. more

Wind and solar funds of Commerz Real treble electricity generation (6 April 2020)

The solar and wind power funds of Commerz Real generated 2,512 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity in 2019. This about 3.5 times as much as in the previous year (704 GWh) and corresponds to the average annual consumption of some 807,000 private German households. In addition, the solar and wind farms attained a reduction of about 1.2 million tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions. Commerz Real first invested in solar energy as long ago as 2005 under the CFB brand and since 2016 has also been investing in wind turbines and other energy infrastructure segments for institutional investors. At present the asset manager of the Commerzbank Group for real asset investments manages 50 solar power stations as well as thirteen onshore and offshore wind farms. more


Apply now for the German Reading Prize 2020 (2 April 2020)

The application phase for the German Reading Prize 2020 has started. The award is a joint initiative of Stiftung Lesen and Commerzbank Foundation and is under the patronage of Prof. Monika Grütters, Minister of State for Culture and Media. Projects can be submitted by June 30. more


Liquidity helps companies through the Corona crisis (2 April 2020)

With the new online platform CommerzbankHilft.de, the Bank supports companies to secure liquidity despite closed shops. The idea is simple: Companies offer vouchers for their services and products on the platform. By purchasing these vouchers, customers support their local businesses. They can continue to generate sales and thus obtain important liquidity. Vouchers will be redeemed at a later date. more


Lights off - Environmental awareness on (30 March 2020)

Once again Commerzbank took part in the worldwide Earth Hour. On 28 March the lights in several buildings in Frankfurt and Berlin were turned off for one hour. Far beyond these 60 minutes the initiative strives to motivate people for a more sustainable life. Commerzbank has long been active in climate protection. We have designed a climate strategy that aligns our existing activities with those we plan for the future. more

Non-financial Report 2019 (20 March 2020)

The success of Commerzbank Group is shaped not just by financial factors, but also by a wide range of non-financial criteria. These were published today in a combined separate non-financial report within the Annual Report 2019. The non-financial report 2019 was subject to a business audit to obtain limited assurance, performed by the auditing firm Ernst & Young. more


Commerzbank represented in the new DAX 50 ESG Index (06 March 2020)

In March 2020, Deutsche Börse Group launched the DAX 50 ESG. From the start, Commerzbank is included in the index of the top 50 companies. The index composition based on market capitalization and stock market value as well as ESG performance of the companies. more


Commerzbank included in WWF sustainability rating for banks (04 March 2020)

WWF Germany has published its first "Rating on the Integration of Sustainability in Core Business Areas". For this purpose, the 14 largest banks in Germany were assessed against WWF's requirements for the "sustainable bank 2025". Both in private and corporate banking, Commerzbank is in the "upper midfield". The WWF assesses Commerzbank's corporate management as up-to-date in terms of sustainability, especially due to the inclusion of the topic into the strategy Commerzbank 5.0 and the signing of the Principles for Responsible Banking. At the same time the report points to challenges in the areas of savings & investment and financing & mortgages. more


Declaration of conformity to the Sustainability Code published (25 February 2020)

Commerzbank has again committed to comply with the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex DNK). The twenty criteria and additional performance indicators in the DNK describe the essential requirements for corporate sustainability and enable the sustainability performances of participating companies to be compared. For the first time, the declaration also covers the National Action Plan on Economics and Human Rights. more


Spare Cent donation awarded for the third time

In January 2020, for the third time, the donations collected by dedicated colleagues were awarded to three selected aid projects. "Every cent counts" is the motto of the Spare cent donation. In 2019, 5,017 employees of Commerzbank and Commerzbank Real participated by making the cent amounts of their monthly salary available for social projects. An impressive 29,569.24 Euros were accumulated. more


Promotion of inclusive businesses

Commerzbank has entered into a framework agreement with the Genossenschaft der Werkstätten (cooperatives of workshops) to standardize the ordering of products and services of workshops for people with disabilities nationwide and thus to promote inclusive businesses. This is one of the many actions and projects that the Bank is implementing according to its "Action Plan Inclusion" until 2023. The action plan – based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Disabled – aims to overcome mental barriers and to create organizational conditions for successful cooperation between disabled and non-disabled people. more


CDP recognition for managing climate risks in the supply chain (04 February 2020)

Commerzbank has been recognized by the international non-profit organization CDP for its management of climate risks in the supply chain. It is thus among the top 3% of companies assessed. The evaluation is based on selected criteria of the 2019 CDP questionnaire, including scope 3 emissions and engagement with suppliers, as well as the bank's overall CDP climate change score. Commerzbank sets a mark regarding environmental compatibility of the products and services purchased, especially with its sustainable procurement standard and supplier questionnaire. more


Commerzbank joins the Climate Bonds Partner Programme (22 January 2020)

Commerzbank has joined the Climate Bonds Initiative Partnership Program, effective January 2020, marking a new step in the bank’s commitment to sustainability. The international NGO, in which more than 100 global partners from across the financial sector participate, aims to contribute to a CO2-efficient and climate-resilient economy via the global bond market. more


Commerzbank in Corporate Knights Global 100 Index (21 January 2020)

Commerzbank has been included for the second time in Corporate Knight’s “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World Index” (G100) and has reached the 59th place in the 2020 ranking. This is an improvement of 8 ranks, compared to the previous year. Commerzbank is one of five German companies in the Index. more


ZukunftsGut 2020: Apply until the end of March

ZukunftsGut prize of the Commerzbank Foundation for Institutional Cultural Mediation is aimed at public and private cultural institutions in Germany who have recognized and complete mediation as a central joint task for their institution. This highest prize for cultural mediation in Germany is worth 80,000 euros and a mark of forward-looking strategies and their sustainable anchoring. He would like to contribute to strengthening the importance of cultural mediation as a core function in the institutions and to supporting transformation processes. The application phase for 2020 will continue until 31.03.2020. more


CDP Climate Change 2019 Score of B for Commerzbank (20 January 2020)

Commerzbank received a CDP Climate Change 2019 score of B, which is better than the average for companies in the financial sector. At the request of investors, the international non-profit organization CDP calls annually for companies to report on their climate risks and opportunities. These are evaluated by CDP and are scored between A-F. In total, in 2019, more than 8,400 companies worldwide have entered their climate data into the database.


Extended bike sharing offer for Commerzbank employees (07 January 2020)

Following up on its successful climate strategy, Commerzbank extends its offer of shared bikes. Since January 2020 on, bikes belonging to the sharing system “Call a Bike” have been available to all Commerzbank employees. Instead of previously 70 Commerzbank branded bikes in Frankfurt, now the more than 15,000 Call a Bikes throughout Germany are at the employees’ disposal. The bikes enhance the current mobility options by another eco-friendly alternative. more