SDG 5: Gender Equality SDG 5: Gender Equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Gender equality is a central theme of Commerzbank’s diversity strategy. Diverse teams often demonstrate better performance and are also essential for the success of the company in view of internationalization and demographic change. Although women account for about 53% of the Commerzbank workforce, they are not yet equally represented at management level. For this reason, the conditions regarding work-life balance have been further improved in recent years in order to open up new career opportunities that are particularly relevant for women. These factors include in-company childcare, innovative part-time models – including for executives – and structured return options to prevent dropouts. To this end, the “return guarantee after parental leave” model, for instance, was extended to all Commerzbank employees in 2021. In recent years, these and other measures have enabled Commerzbank to increase the proportion of women in management positions to more than 30% across the Group. Our Board of Managing Directors has already set a next target of 40% across all management levels by the end of 2030.

All areas of Commerzbank are explicitly tasked with actively approaching suitable female employees when filling vacancies. The aim is to further increase the proportion of female candidates for management positions when new positions are appointed. As a support measure, the bank already offers awareness workshops on the topic of diversity and inclusion at foreign locations. In the Boston Consulting Group’s Gender Diversity Index, the bank has steadily improved its ranking and has now reached 5th place among 99 German companies. The minimum goal is to maintain this position.