SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infastructure SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

A strategy geared to the long-term is at the core of our banking business. We know that we can only be successful in an intact and sustainable social and ecological system. As one of the leading banks in export financing, Commerzbank is also concerned with sustainability issues in relation to global trade. In addition, as a bank for small and medium-sized enterprises, Commerzbank is also involved in strengthening the German industry. Furthermore, the bank has been committed to trade finance in the areas of clean energy and environmentally friendly technology for years. The support of all companies involved in the value chain by the Competence Center Energy provides Commerzbank with in-depth expertise regarding technologies, market participants and financing structures. By providing financing solutions for energy efficiency programs, we enable our SME clients to innovate and adopt new technological approaches. Neosfer, Commerzbank’s research and development subsidiary, also analyzes future technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics, or develops its own technologies for banking in the future.