SDG 5: Gender Equality SDG 5: Gender Equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Personal freedom and self-determination also include financial freedom, asset accumulation and a secure retirement provision. With its “finanz-heldinnen” (german only, translates to: finance heroes) initiative, Commerzbank is facilitating women to be enthusiastic about finance. The initiative was founded at the beginning of 2018 by female employees of comidrect with the aim of making a positive contribution to society. To help women become more familiar with the topic of finance and make their own financial decisions, finanz-heldinnen provides a wide range of knowledge offerings: Online magazine, podcast, afterworks and Instagram channel, as well as the “Manager-Magazin” bestselling book “Der Finanzplaner für Frauen” (translates to: financial planner for women). Commerzbank also created a network for women with the #togetherstronger initiative (german only), which creates exchange and knowledge about finance. The faces of the campaign include entrepreneur and model Sara Nuru and comedian, human rights activist and entrepreneur Enissa Amani. They speak out for more diversity, more courage and more financial freedom.