Goal 2.22 Goal 2.22

Net Promoter Score (customer satisfaction standard) of over 45% on an ongoing basis

ongoing implementation Customer satisfaction at Commerzbank remains important. The branch NPS remains at a high level in 2019. Almost 60 % of all customers surveyed are so satisfied that they would recommend their Commerzbank branch. Customer satisfaction is also regularly raised on other digital channels such as online banking and customer service. This ensures that customer service can be further developed across all channels.

ongoing implementation The branch NPS in 2018 was well above the target of 45% and can maintain the high level of the previous year. Over 60% of the customers surveyed are promoters and are so satisfied with Commerzbank that they would recommend the bank. Since 2018, customer satisfaction has been regularly monitored on other digital channels as well.

ongoing implementation In 2017, the Net Promoter Score showed a significant improvement compared to the target value of 45%. Over 60% of customers surveyed are so satisfied with the bank that they would also recommend it.