Goal 1.25 Goal 1.25

Empowerment of 100% of employees working in the campus to use agile working methods

in process (≥ 50%) All employees are working with agile methods. New employees are continuously empowered.

in process (≥ 50%) With the implementation of the new campus structure on 01.07.2019, all employees who work in the cluster organization will be introduced in agile working methods.

ongoing implementation As part of the digital campus, all employees are constantly working with agile working methods, and the corresponding formats (whiteboard meetings, dailies, retrospectives, reviews, etc.) are held regularly.
The product clusters are accompanied by scrum masters who regularly inform cluster leads and product owners as well as scrum teams about the need for optimization.
In addition, there are various information formats within the scope of the Digital Campus, which are regularly used by employees to broaden their own experience of agile work formats.