Goal 1.38 Goal 1.38

Establishing a regular stakeholder dialogue on social and economic issues in order to discuss the Bank's role in society

ongoing implementation Commerzbank continues to promote the dialogue with representatives of politics, society, science and business on social and economic policy issues with the regular event formats "Politisches Frühstück", "Commerzbank im Dialog", "mittags.werkstatt" and "SHE VIP".

ongoing implementation The "Commerzbank in Dialog 4.0" series of events at the Commerzbank's Berlin Liaison Office discusses current social, economic and financial policy issues with various interest groups. Commerzbank also encourages the dialogue with the regularly held 'Politisches Frühstück'. During the parliamentary session week, guest speakers exchange views on social and economic topics with representatives from politics, science and business.

ongoing implementation With the event series 'Commerzbank im Dialog 4.0', the regularily held 'Politisches Frühstück' as well as the talk series "mittags.werkstatt", Commerzbank encourages the dialogue between politics,society, science and business on social and economic policy topics.