Goal 1.5 Goal 1.5

Development of coordinated standards between banks and supervisory authorities for the handling of payments for humanitarian projects in sanctioned countries (in the European Banking Federation) in compliance with the law

completed (100%) The working group on humanitarian payments has met as scheduled four times until Feb. 2020. The guideline was published in May 2020. At the same time, the final voting process for a bank-internal procedure on the topic of "humanitarian transactions" is currently also in the final voting process.

started (<50%) The formation of a working group, which was initially planned for 2018, was delayed again at the level of the European Banking Federation, with the result that the 2018 project developed only insignificantly. In February 2019 the constitutive meeting of a working group took place. For 2019, three further meetings are planned and the completion of a corresponding handout.

started (<50%) The debate within the EBF on humanitarian payments that has begun has not yet led to the formation of a working group or similar to substantiate next steps.