Goal 1.21 Goal 1.21

Development and implementation of conditions for Working World 4.0 by 2020, for example the adaptation of personnel management instruments, shared leadership, increased working time flexibility, technology for mobile work

completed (100%) New company agreements have been negotiated and published regarding variable working hours structering and mobile work.

in process (≥ 50%) Current focus on selected instruments: "Company agreement on the reorientation of variable working hours at the head office (FOC)" (23.11.2018), "Operating agreement on the application of New Work 2.0 at headquarters" (23.11.2018), "Pilot agreement mobile work at Commerzbank "(01.04.2019).

started (<50%) Analyses conducted in other companies regarding the implementation status of 'Arbeitswelt 4.0', specific Commerzbank requirements were examined. Further clarification of tasks currently in two management board meetings (22.03.2018 and 17.05.2018).