Goal 1.1 Goal 1.1

Ongoing validation and improvement of methods for the early identification of fraud risks, including the further development of data mining applications and decryption technologies in line with the requirements of data protection law

ongoing implementation Extensive process for installment loan fraud prevention implemented, connection to 'Schufa-Fraud-Datenpool' made, new chapter "Investigation" implemented in the cluster "Big Data & Advanced Analytics", detection methods continuously sharpened and improved in a continuous validation process.

ongoing implementation Establishment of consumer loan fraud prevention in the risk function of retail banking with permanent further development of the detection methods. The connection to 'Schufa-Fraud-Datenpool' is currently being implemented (especially for installment credit fraud). Formalisation of the chapter "Investigation" in the cluster "Big Data & Advanced Analytics - Cost Analytics" in the course of the restructuring to Commerzbank 4.0 from 01.07.19.

ongoing implementation Building up of the department in datamining and statistical modeling completed. Expansion of the investigation for mid-2018 in progress.